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How to add a frame to a photo

In various sites online, you can find frames for photos. They can be free or they can be purchased. Some frames are simple, rectangular and of the same size as your photo. That is great. However, you might end up with frames and photos of different size, different proportion or even different shape. How can you use them to create a great looking montage? 

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Enlarging photos with PhotoZoom

Enlarging A photo using Photozoom

It is a common mistake, using Paintshop Pro, to want to enlarge a photo to fit into a frame, or just make it more obvious. It is normally discouraged to enlarge a photo since most of the time, the results will be a blurred mess, especially if the ratio of enlargement is important. Increasing the size by 10% might not be an issue, but if you want your image to be 10 times larger, that would definitely be problematic. However, with PhotoZoom, you can enlarge your photos with better results than you would get with Paintshop Pro alone.

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A photo is worth 1,000 words… really?

We all know of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and we have certainly seen some of those; photos that are beyond words, photos that “say it all”. The truth is that not all photos say that much. In fact, most photos don’t tell anything to someone who was not there when it was taken. If you want to use those photos in a scrapbooking page, you will have to tell it yourself.

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Scrapping in the New Year – Project 365

Digital scrapbooking can be an ongoing activity or revolve around a specific project. You might want to create an album for your last vacation, or simply bring out the old photos stacked in a box. Another new type of project has recently combined some photography goals and digital scrapbooking goals; it is called Project 365.

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