Scrapping off-theme from a kit

Often, you could find some wonderful ready-made kits. You can purchase, download, or earn them. Kits will commonly have a general theme that you can identify with the colors, the

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Scrapbooking layouts for men

A lot of scrapbook layouts in galleries tend to have a more “feminine” vibe, with flowers, ribbons, jewelry, etc. If you look at available supplies, you will also find a

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6 Ways to add journaling

Whenever you are working on a scrapbook project, it is important to add some information about the page. Including a story will make that page that much more engaging than

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Are drawing skills required?

If you want to start scrapbooking (digitally or traditionally), you might wonder if you will need some drawing skills. If you are like me, you have a hard time drawing

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Creating lifted photo effect

In traditional scrapbooking, photos can naturally appear lifted since corners can come off the paper. In digital scrapbooking, there are various ways to achieve this effect, however, it often uses

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Using Flow in scrapbook pages

While creating scrapbook layouts, another design principle that you can identify is Flow. It means how your eye goes from one element to another while exploring the content of the

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