Master Classes

Live classes are available on a monthly basis, usually the first Sunday of the month. Register ahead of time to the workshops to be sent reminders ahead of time. Join us, ask questions, chat with other participants.

If you cannot attend the class, they are recorded and edited for your convenience and are available free for one month only.

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Date: August 4th, 2024
Time: the presentation will start at 5PM Eastern time (your time)
Topic: to be announced

Flags & Pennants

  • Create a flag from scratch, and give it a wavy look
  • String custom-made pennants in any color
  • Use a font to hang some banners

Save the Date

  • Create a barcode to display a date and get variations
  • Imagine those Dymo tapes
  • Draw a datestamp with a date all around or in both directions

Twine Time

  • Learn to tie a tag
  • Wrap a frame with a rope
  • Weave a thread through text
  • Create a tassel 

Button Up

  • Create buttons from templates or from scratch
  • Add thread or ribbons to attach them
  • Turn them into picture tubes for more options

Egg-Citing Design

  • Create a woven texture
  • Draw a fluffy bunny
  • Paint a 3D egg
  • Use some colored hay for your delicate treasures

Scrap In Grid

  • Grid versus Guides
  • Using grids to arrange photos
  • Turn your composition into a template
  • Some scripts can help speed up the process too

Just Out Of It

  • Create an out-of-bound effect
  • Interact with the scenery
  • Adjust the perspective
  • Play with the background

Planning Ahead

  • Create a simple planner/agenda
  • Make it for a day or a week
  • Use it for scrapbooking
  • Add decorative elements

Bordermania 2

  • Create scallops
  • Add a lacy cutout edge
  • Fold the edges of an image
  • Use picture tubes to add a border

Sew Much Fun

  • Create your own denim texture
  • Add custom corduroy texture
  • Wrinkle your fabric correctly
  • Add frayed edges where you want

Grunge Magic

  • Add worn textures
  • Tear edges of paper and photo
  • Overlays can be used
  • Add grunginess on the edges

Freaky Filters

  • Create a starry sky
  • Add apparitions or creepy fog
  • Fill text with texture and melt it
  • All that using Filter Forge filters

Tag! Again!

  • change the color of your tag
  • add reinforcement
  • add lines and brush work
  • tie your tag with strings or ribbons

Perfectly Imperfect

  • slightly modify the edges
  • add random shading
  • create uneven darken edges
  • combine texture randomly

Wood Working with PSP

  • create a wood texture from scratch
  • build a nice or rustic wood frame
  • apply burnt or engraved effects
  • add scratched paint

Textures & Overlays

  • Turn solid colors exciting
  • Create textures to images
  • Add character to a photo
  • Simulate shadows on a boring wall

Shadow Box with PSP

  • Use those ready-made files you can find
  • Create your own composition
  • Personalize your project with custom silhouettes

Tag! You’re it!

  • Create custom shape tags and save them as preset shapes
  • Cut the vector to create a hole
  • Decorate the tags with picture tubes or cutouts

Blending pictures

  • Use the opacity to blend in
  • Use black and white gradients
  • Use blend modes
  • Paint on a mask for details

PaintShop Christmas 7

  • Create custom tags with vectors
  • Export preset shapes for presents
  • Add snow to text or objects

Border Mania

  • Add simple borders 
  • Create a cutout edges
  • Turn a lace into a frame
  • Make your photo shine with glitters

Title Work 3

  • Create a sticker 
  • Manipulate your letters
  • Fill the text with a photo
  • Fill the text with confetti
  • Create a bubble with the text

Cut It Out

  • Create a cutout with a twist
  • Make paper irregular
  • Make unique cutouts on tags
  • Add word cutouts from photos

Halloween Effects

  • Create a bubbling brew
  • Add dripping paint (or blood)
  • Scratch through any title
  • Make an electrifying effect

Fantasy World 2

  • Turn a mushroom into a house
  • Create a carousel from a mushroom

Food for Thought

  • Create a seamless texture
  • Make your own bread
  • Add some swiss cheese

Food for Thought – 2

  • let’s make a hamburger
  • an ice cream treat for dessert

Mix & Match

  • Vector clipart or photos
  • perspective is essential
  • lighting should also match

Using Filter Forge with PSP – 2

  • Creating melting chocolate
  • Make a postage stamp frame
  • Generate a quick frame 

Dynamic Frames

  • Make something jump out of the frame
  • Create multiple frames opening
  • Have frames over and under the photo

Scrap by Numbers

  • use icons instead of words
  • multiply icons instead of numbers
  • tell a whole stories with icons, numbers and statistics

PaintShop Christmas 6

  • create an Advent calendar
  • draw an angel with strings and ribbons
  • make a custom gift box

Those Glyphy Fonts

  • discover new “embellished” fonts
  • create elegant stickers
  • make a frame with intricate details
  • tweak the available glyphs or create your own

Something about Shadows

  • the meaning of the offset value
  • see what the blur means
  • proportions are important

Lifted Shadows

  • shadows for paper elements
  • shadows for curly ribbons
  • shadows for folliage

Not So Spooky

  • cut a regular pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern
  • add 3D effects, texture and lighting
  • create your own pumpkin preset shapes to reuse later

Heritage Scrapbooking – part 2

  • create a fan-shaped family tree
  • showcase written documents
  • wrap text between your photos

Heritage Scrapbooking 

  • create a pedigree family tree 
  • showcase photos as a timeline
  • add the stories that you have gathered

Art Media with PaintShop Pro

  • discover the Art Media tools
  • showcase unique textures
  • mix colors to expand your palette
  • paint or draw a masterpiece 

Using element templates

  • use paper templates, whether they are layered or not
  • colorize with the hue/saturation/lightness
  • colorize with blend modes for other colors
  • and you can paint details as needed too

Using Filter Forge with PSP

  • see what the plugin offers
  • see how the plugin works
  • create a unique alphabet with custom textures
  • turn a regular Google image into a pirate map

Use overlays on your photos

  • use png overlays like regular layers
  • add Bokeh, lights and fog to emphasize your subject
  • create a totally new scenery
  • turn ordinary photo into an extraordinary one

Playing with your PaintShop

  • use your workspace as a background
  • use out-of-bound outside your canvas
  • distort the Layers palette so someone can climb the layers
  • a powerful vacuum can suck out the color swatches

PaintShop Christmas – 5

  • create custom garlands
  • draw Christmas trees
  • design unique gnomes in the color and pattern to match your project

A Beautiful Mess

  • create a basic Bokeh effect
  • use random brush strokes for unique results
  • apply textures
  • play with blending modes

Ding! Ding! Dingbats!

  • find out what they are
  • find out what you can use them for
  • find out how versatile they can be
  • and where to get more once you get hooked on them

More scripts for PaintShop Pro

  • They can ask you to choose a font
  • They can ask you to open an image
  • They can ask you to make marks on the project
  • And you can use the Batch process if you have more work to do

Using scripts in PaintShop Pro

  • What are they?
  • How to install them?
  • How to use them?
  • How they save you so much time?

Templates to Go

  • Create templates from your existing projects
  • Turn the elements into reusable shapes
  • Find out tools to make this process faster

Get started with Templates

  • Quick-pages versus templates
  • templates in .psd format versus .pspimage format
  • trim photos and papers manually
  • or use scripts to finish even faster

Back off!

  • remove a boring background
  •  replace it with something better
  • create a new scenery
  • travel anywhere in the world

Further vectors

  • find the right way to export and name your preset shapes
  • create your own shapes from an image
  • create your styled lines
  • use vector paths to make templates

Vectors in action

  • Vector or Raster? What is the difference?
  • manipulate those nodes
  • play with the existing vector tools
  • edit letters in creative ways

It’s cold outside

  • use the Color Replacer tool
  • use the Magic Wand tool
  • use the color channels
  • create some icicles 

Pocket scrapbooking with PSP

  • use templates made for simple design
  • use tools to speed up your process
  • create your own custom templates
  • add your story with the Text Wrapping tool

PaintShop Christmas – 4

  • create a snow globe
  • create your own holiday cards

Shadow Challenges in PSP

  • transparent elements have shadows
  • laces are picky with the shadows
  • clusters need extra attention 
  • use shadows to tell a story

Spooky 2

  • create a zombie face
  • turn a person into a witch
  • learn various tools to make such transformations

Hold on!

  • paperclips can hold papers and photos
  • they can hold a name or a date
  • they can take any shape you want

Gradually Speaking

  • play with the saturation
  • play with the angles of the slats
  • play with the brightness and contrast
  • play with any other settings you want

Picture tubes in PaintShop Pro

  • what types of tubes do you have?
  • what are all those settings?
  • how can you create your own?

Get the scissors

  • find creative ways to cut photos
  • cut them straight
  • cut them at an angle
  • cut them all around

Over the top

  • use extra layers to add leaves 
  • add flower petals 
  • add snow 
  • add confetti 

Date it

  • create a ticket with a date
  • add dates on the photos in a different way
  • add a calendar like you rarely saw before

String Theory

  • create art with strings
  • explore various arrangements for the strings
  • add shadows
  • create a whole scene

Jewelry Making with PSP

  • create necklaces of custom pearls
  • create emeralds, rubies, and more precious gems
  • create gold or silver chain links
  • embed gems in gold elements

Lights and shadows

  • size of shadows matters
  • offset and blur
  • know where the light is coming from

Pop Up

  • create a whole decor
  • turn flat elements into standing ones
  • add 3D shadows
  • arrange your elements creatively


  • create depth
  • play with out-of-bounds
  • use multiple frames
  • and make your photos pop out


  • turn people into vampires
  • turn a house into a haunted one
  • turn a relative into a ghost
  • make that ghost appear in a window

COLOR them Beautiful

  • colorize black and white photos
  • use the blend modes
  • use the adjustment layers
  • use the hue/saturation/lightness

No Kit Scrap – 3

  • create a custom mosaic
  • show your photo through text
  • weaving with photos can be a unique project

Let’s Fix It (again)

  • revive colors
  • fix damaged frames
  • replace missing sections
  • perform near miracles

Editor’s Note

  • display your story like a magazine
  • create a simple cover
  • display text in columns
  • showcase photos in a unique way
  • build a table of content 

Photo Fixes for Beginners

  • improve the colors
  • remove unwanted objects
  • align crooked photos
  • re-frame photos of photos


  • look through a window
  • add a fence layer
  • layer with trees and branches
  • even peek through a keyhole

Winter Wonderland

  • add gentle snow falling 
  • add frost and snow on window panes
  • turn anything into blocks of ice

Customizing your PSP 2018

  • choose the workspace
  • change attributes to suit your workflow
  • create your own toolbar
  • set the program to use your supplies, wherever they are

Framing 101

  • create your own frames
  • save time with multiple borders
  • keep a template to reuse again
  • add fancy corners
  • create uniquely shaped frames with vectors

PaintShop Christmas – 3

  • make your paper tree
  • create a custom bauble
  • print out gift tags for everyone

Word Art with PSP – 2

  • create a crossword effect on a theme
  • shape your words and phrases
  • follow a path of your choice

Word Art with PaintShop Pro

  • turn a phrase into a fun title
  • create a frame with an inspirational quote
  • make a word cloud on a theme

Touch it!

  • see what all those settings are for
  • create your own textures
  • textures or patterns?
  • create graffiti

Photo cheats

  • correct the color
  • add depth with a blurred background
  • change the sky
  • add a Bokeh effect

Fantasy World

  • change the surrounding
  • add some magical glow
  • combine unique elements
  • make a completely new world

Blending through

  • change the color of elements to match your project
  • have fun with photos (especially if they are not perfect)
  • paint grey designs
  • create those double exposure effects

No Kit Scrap – 2

  • tweak characters in text
  • use spaces between text
  • create a cutout effect
  • and more…

Let’s Fix It

  • fix those old photos
  • replace missing sections
  • remove scratches and stains
  • remove blurred edges

Know where to Focus

  • add frames (different kinds)
  • add arrows and paths
  • add colors
  • and more …

Distorted on purpose – 2

  • you can curl a ribbon
  • you can flip papers
  • you can make waves
  • you can add shadows

Distorted on purpose

  • Make funny faces
  • Thread ribbons into smaller holes
  • Turn straight lines into doodles
  • Make a colorful sky appear
  • and more

PaintShop Christmas – 2

  • Create a 3D star
  • Create a template to make more stars
  • Add custom glitters 
  • A few tricks to create a holiday swag with decorations

Stitches everywhere

  • Stitch with regular fonts
  • Stitch with special fonts
  • Stitch with a brush
  • Create a realistic shadow for stitches

A question of perspective – 2

  • Flip elements
  • Curve elements
  • Straighten angled photos

A question of perspective

  • Build a deck
  • Add some railings
  • lift some papers

Template temptation

  • Add photos without measuring
  • Clip papers to fun shapes
  • Cluster elements faster
  • Add shadows easily

Ribbons and Bows

  • make it easy and know what example to pick
  • measure and warp as needed
  • add the correct light and shading to make it look real

Made with Ribbons

  • go from straight to curled
  • create an alphabet or title with them
  • weave them to make a unique frame

Out of this World

  • a simple out of bound technique
  • a double out of bound (and in of bound)
  • use elegant frames too

Cutting the Ribbon

  • fold your ribbons correctly
  • thread your ribbon through obstacles quickly
  • add frayed ends with a secret tool in PSP

Adjust what?

  • learn more about the Adjustment layers
  • make changes that you can change back, anytime
  • combine effects and adjustments

In the News with PaintShop Pro

  • create your own newspaper project
  • imagine the cover of your own magazine

Patchwork scrapping

  • create your own patchwork pattern
  • fill the sections with different effects
  • edge the pieces the way you want

PaintShop Christmas

  • create Bokeh effect
  • draw a custom ornament
  • build a tree out of ribbons

To Blur or Not to Blur

  • add focus
  • add speed
  • even create elements from scratch

Weather Wise with PSP

  • add rain
  • add falling snow
  • add snow and icicles to buildings
  • add frost to window panes

Learn the Ropes

  • can you draw with a rope?
  • how can you be very accurate?
  • how can you loop a rope on a tag?
  • and how can you create more intricate designs?

Lines Aligned

  • you know about the brush tool, right?
  • and you know about the vectors
  • but you can also use paint (yeah, like artist paint)
  • and you can draw lines with … the eraser too!

Selections Everywhere – 2

  • more about the freehand selection tool
  • auto-selection; does that exist?
  • vectors can be used for selections?
  • you can even “paint” a selection for fine details

Selections Everywhere

Alpha Making – 2

  • add stitching and thickness
  • make it into glass or acrylic
  • 3D letters can be fun and are easy to make
  • old metal letters need rust too

Alpha Making

  • create a full alphabet on a single sheet
  • separate them into individual files
  • complete the process the long way
  • or use tools to make it faster

No Kit Scrap

  • create an even mosaic of photos
  • create ribbons, eyelets and gold elements
  • insert photos just like on a real board
  • decorate with the photos themselves

Gold rush

  • create glitter tiles
  • embellish edges with glitters
  • sprinkle gold dust along the edges
  • manufacture your own gold coin

On the Edge

  • use tubes and brushes along a vector path
  • use fonts to add stitching
  • draw perfectly parallel lines along the edges
  • create a distressed edge

Get rid of it!

  • use some obvious tools
  • use some lesser known tools
  • discover the newest tool and how to use it
  • add all those to your toolbox and pick the best

PSP in stitches

  • use fonts you have to stitch
  • use Line Styles
  • use unique fonts for a fantastic effect
  • see how to add realism to your stitches

Monogramming in Style

  • edit those vector letters for a new look
  • embellish simple letters with elements
  • create a patchwork to display multiple papers

The Brush Variance – 2

  • play with the Eraser tool
  • add spots with the Eraser tool
  • create fun backgrounds

The Brush Variance

  • what is that scary looking palette?
  • create some neat shapes and elements
  • draw some intricate lacy edges
  • create a unique Bokeh background for your project

Title Work – 2

  • hand writing with a cheat
  • coloring like a kid
  • doodling lines (like you are bored in a meeting)
  • even using alphas in a dynamic way

Great Gradients in PSP – 2

  • colorful flowers
  • unusual text
  • mask unwanted areas of photos
  • add intriguing effects to ordinary photos

Great Gradients in PSP

  • all those scary settings
  • creating your own gradients without fear
  • using those gradients in unique ways (I am sure they are new to you!)

Tubes with Direction

  • a new tool to discover
  • many settings to play with
  • images that can follow your cursor!

Photo-Graphics with PSP – 3

  • convert your photo into a text portrait
  • add a splash of color with brushes and mask
  • explode your subject at will

Create Magic with PSP

  • add fairy dust
  • light up with energy
  • display big dreams on the wall

Stretch-a-Sketch – 2

  • create custom cards and envelopes
  • embellish your signature
  • create custom calendar for yourself or as presents


  • create your own layered template
  • modify the basic template in many ways
  • create cards
  • create Facebook cover images

Framed with PSP – 2

  • use your papers or even just solid colors
  • frame or journaling: two in one
  • those elements in a kit can also be used
  • give a hand made look with delicate or bold accents

Framed with PSP

  • a trick to avoid gaining weight
  • square and rectangular frames
  • a simple command with so many possibilities
  • use the photo to frame itself
  • create unique frames with tubes

Title Work

  • Cutout, reflection (even with water)
  • Glass, or overlapped
  • Extruded or interlaced
  • Folded up

Many Shades of Grey

  • What tools do you use for shading?
  • How do you get a 3D effect without the shadow?
  • Add shading that you CAN remove later
  • No more flat element!

Texting again with PSP

  • Discover some hidden tricks
  • Use text to display photos
  • Go wild with text
  • Create custom Subway art

Texting with PSP

  • Add text on path, even in reverse
  • Add text INSIDE a shape
  • Create chains with your own fonts
  • Discover new fonts for unique results

Advanced Extraction Techniques with PSP

  • Learn to use the masking technique
  • Use a new tool in PSP to do the hard work for you
  • Use an old favorite tool in much easier way
  • Finish off those “imperfect” extractions

Photo-Graphics with PSP – 2

  • Draw on a traditional blackboard with chalk
  • Even blurred photos can become a pop art poster
  • Get a blueprint without an architect

Photo-Graphics with PSP

  • Create a cartoon out of your photo
  • Sketch it (perfect for bad colors!)
  • Watercolors can look magical
  • Combine those techniques for even more stunning results

Scripting in PSP

  • See how you can record basic scripts
  • What can it do?
  • Open up those scripts and tweak them to get different results

Scrapbooking on a Deadline

  • Get organized from the start
  • Create some shortcuts
  • Use time-saving tools

Getting it Old with PSP

  • Add old fashion photo border
  • Control the color of the photo
  • Change the texture from neat to grainy and scratched
  • Add creases, folds, rips, bends, and more scratches

Advanced Shadowing with PSP

  • Is a shadow really black?
  • How do you add shadow to colored glass object?
  • What is an anti-shadow?
  • Shadows on the ground and the wall: some tricks

Basic Extraction with PSP

  • Is the Magic Wand really magic?
  • Selection tools that you can twist and turn?
  • Extract fuzzy and plushy objects 
  • Make smooth curves with this tool.
  • Let’s be creative with all those tools now!

Masking in PSP

  • What are masks anyways?
  • Use pre-loaded masks
  • Use overlays you already have
  • Create masks and save them

Customizing your PSP

  • Choose the color
  • Choose the toolbars and palettes
  • Move things all around
  • Make it fit YOUR need and YOUR workflow

Picture Tubes in PSP

  • What are they?
  • How do I install them?
  • How do I use them?
  • How do I create my own?

Brush Work in PSP

  • Install brushes you gather from the net, even older versions
  • Play with the basic brush tool settings
  • Even more options with the Brush variance palette
  • Brush precisely along an edge, like a pro!

Color Your World

  • Colorize black and white element
  • Change colors of only parts of elements
  • Add colors where there is none
  • Add colors to black and white or old sepia photos

Playing with Vectors

  • Draw your own vector shape
  • Export your custom shape
  • Write text along the edge of elements
  • Add tubes and brushes along a path

Using Layered Templates with PSP

  • Layered Templates
  • Element Templates
  • Paper Templates
  • Texture Templates

Seamless Design with PSP

  • use the Seamless Tiling tool in PSP
  • turn a png element into a seamless tile
  • turn a photo into a seamless background
  • create seamless design from scratch

Details in the Night

  • create your own starry sky
  • add lit windows
  • add street lighting
  • keep closer subjects in the light
  • add Christmas decorations

Be the master of Time

  • turn a daytime photo to an evening or night time photo
  • turn a summer photo into a fall or winter photo

Realistic Shadows in Scrapbooking with PSP

  • simple shadows
  • lifted elements
  • cluster shadows
  • fantasy shadows