My purchases

Here are some of my upcoming or recent purchases. If you are looking for something similar, you are welcome to click on the images to use my affiliate links. If you do, I would earn a little commission, but mostly, it will keep my Amazon associate account active (it will get deactivated if no sale is generated over 90 days).

Somehow, my webcam started showing static and flickering. Not sure whether it was the camera itself or something else, I borrowed another camera and it works perfectly, so that is a high suspicion that the camera itself is failing, so it is time to replace it. This one (my son's) works great and gives a good image too, so that is the one I'll pick.



If you noticed, for the last couple of live classes, I am missing my usual light source and the ceiling light just didn't do too well as it is slightly behind me, so time to get one to replace my previous one. I can no longer find the link where I bought this exact model, but HERE is something similar.




Western Digital 2TB Blue My Passport Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBS4B0020BBL-WESN

I'll simply need to replace my current external hard drive, which was found to be faulty when I was troubleshooting for something else. Good time to replace it before it actually fails!





100 Side Hustles. Inspired by the Side Hustle School podcast, from Chris Guillibeau, a daily 10 minutes story about someone's side hustle. And no, MY story, from podcast #152 is not in the book 🙂






Although this is not related to scrapbooking or even PaintShop Pro, the craft angle and the mechanics fascinate me so I decided to ask for this book for my birthday. There is a whole channel on  YouTube describing those popups. Check it out for yourself.















Once you are able to manipulate a design, you can transfer it onto T-Shirts, or other fabric articles. These transfer papers come for white/light and black/dark fabrics. I will be using them for T-Shirts for an upcoming family reunion.

Those books where you make up the story as you read: