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    • I'm not too happy with the rendering of my letters on this last day .... I think that the photo chosen is not ideal, with the dark on the J of JEU (game). Or maybe the chosen font??? mystery ... but I did several tests and I admit that, oops, I believe that I do not like this effect at all, sorry. All the other technical proposals, I really loved, but there ... I can't seem to like the rendering. It's just a matter of taste LOL. But the technique is not to be ousted. I will definitely do more tests. Maybe I'll find another way to use it. all credits on my gallery
    • Carole: Thank you for a great workshop! I think someone said they did this one in the past, but it must have been before I joined, as these techniques are all new to me. 
    • Occasionally, a few additional elements CAN be added. Let's see if you want to get any of those in your kit (it is optional) Check this page to see what they might be. And share if you want.
    • @Gerry Landreth Yes, picture tubes do have some settings that can be changed to get different effects. Isn't is fun to accidentally find something new? @Carolyn Rye Glad you are enjoying yourself. I think you rotated the text a little more than the 5 degrees that was suggested. When you get more comfortable, you will be able to add shadows on the various papers and elements. @Corrie Kinkel Perfect choice of color for the rope around the text. I was actually hesitant to offer the Build-A-Kit workshop at the same time as another one, but I figured that since it was not as intense, participants can pick and choose what to work on. @MoniqueN.As others have mentioned, add the shadow and see the difference for yourself. Although it might not look like much when you add it, it shows clearly when you don't have it. The technique on day 7 is not something that is typical, but if you ever have a nice landscape image, it might be perfect for that technique. @Louyse Toupin Glad that you managed to use the text on the path. May I suggest that you move the text a little to the left so it does not overlap the photo? @Bonnie Ballentine I see you also used multiple fonts in the title for the Sandy layout. Did you forget the shadows on the cat photos? Never a dull moment looking at your projects either! 🙂 On the title, I see that the pickleballs are "uneven". Is that intended? If so, no problem. If no, you might need to change the setting for Placement mode from Random to Continuous. That is a setting that is often overlooked. @Anne Lamp Glad to see at least some of your projects. If you finish them later, the thread will still be open for you to post. @Susan Ewart You won't be without work for very long. Hint, hint. Another workshop will come in April and something else for Easter. All those techniques will probably show up in upcoming projects? @Rene Marker That is a good font for that project and shows enough of the image. @Hank Sobah Spring will come... eventually! @Ann Seeber What a great story and you showcased it well too. @Marie-Claire Happy birthday Poncho! @Linda Hitt You did great by using the technique on individual letters. It is more work, but the result is worth it! @Donna Sillia That is a great idea to put the letters vertically to showcase that photo! @Alice Daniel Glad to see you post projects. Keep them coming. Practice will help. Although today is officially the last day of the workshop, you still have 7 more days to access the tutorials and continue posting your projects in the thread. DIAMOND members don't need to rush as you have permanent access to the tutorials. Keep it up!
    • I have been fooling around with the various techniques and am quite excited to use them in future. Thanks. Below is one of my pages.
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