Using “Emphasis” in a scrapbook page

Emphasis is a design technique that can be used to draw attention to a particular element on a page. You might want to put focus on a photo, a piece of text, or memorabilia. The use of the emphasis principle can make a design more dynamic and interesting. It can also help to guide the viewer’s eye through a design and to create a sense of priority. When used correctly, the emphasis principle can add visual interest and impact to a design. Let's look at a few different ways that you can go about adding emphasis to your scrapbook pages.

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10 minutes to scrap – Embellishments

After building the base of your page, with photos, papers, and text, you already have a very good idea of what your project will look like. At this point, although you can still tweak here and there, the changes are likely to be minimal. In this 10 minutes, let's add some embellishments.

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