When a Drop Shadow is not a Drop Shadow

PaintShop Pro has one command that is used very often, and it is the Drop Shadow. Typically, a user will take advantage of this command to add depth and volume to a project, to show the thickness of an element or make it look like it is coming off the surface. But it can also be used for other purposes. Let's look further into this command.

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Create your Custom Toolbar

PaintShop Pro is a program that offers a lot of options to customize the interface to suit every user's individual needs and preferences. Everyone might use a different set of tools and commands based on their workflow and type of work. One way to make this work faster and easier is by creating a custom toolbar that will include the most used commands in one place.

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Featured Resource – DaFont

Whether you are creating scrapbook layouts, posters, greeting cards or other projects, you are likely to use the Text tool, and to make something unique, you will often want to use different fonts for different effects. Where do you find fonts for your projects without breaking the bank? DaFont is one of those reliable resources that you can count on.

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Tools to Create Color Palettes

Whether you are a designer creating a complete set of scrapbooking elements or just an avid card maker wanting to choose the perfect color, it is often useful to create a basic palette of colors that are harmonious to yield an eye-pleasing result. Various tools are available online to help you generate such a series of coordinating colors. Let's have a look at some you can use to create your own palette starting with your chosen color.

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4 Ways I Set up my Workspace

Whether you are following a tutorial from the DIAMOND membership, attending a live class in the Campus or watching a YouTube video where I demonstrate various techniques, you might be wondering if we are using the same version, because my workspace and tools seem to be different from yours. Don't worry. The reason they look different is that I have customized it to suit MY preferences. If you want to recreate the same workspace, you can follow the steps below. If you prefer your own, it is totally fine. Neither one is better than the other.

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The script failed – What is that error?

If you are a PaintShop Pro user, you might have found and used some scripts, which are a series of automated commands to accomplish various tasks for you, faster or more accurately (or both). However, running a script will occasionally lead to an error (and an annoying sound). Most failures will show an error message that will be meaningful to the user, or the one coding the script.

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