5 tips for shadowing

Although shadows surround us every day, we don't analyze them in detail. We will spontaneously react to them because our brains have already integrated that knowledge. However, when we work digitally, we have to create those shadows from scratch in a way that they make sense. Let's see some basic tips to help you with your digital scrapbook projects.

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Linking and Grouping in PSP

When working with PaintShop Pro, you are likely to use several layers, and sometimes, you want them perfectly aligned. What if you now need to move them a little further? How can you keep them aligned? That is when you can link or group your layers. But what is the difference between the two, and how do you use those features?

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How to use Journaling Cards?

Journaling cards are elements that you will more often find in scrapbook kits. Although they started to appear when pocket scrapbooking became popular, they can also be used for other purposes. You don't need to create pocket scrapbook pages to take advantage of those cards. So, what can you do with them?

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What’s new in PSP2022?

Another year means another version of PaintShop Pro that is now available to you. Each version has new features and tools and this one is no different. Let's have a look at some of the main new additions in this 2022 version.

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Creating a recipe card

Although PaintShop Pro has been often associated with photo editing, it can do a lot more. It can be a tool to help you create a variety of graphic projects, even if they are not meant to be "artistic".  Today, we will look at a simple project that you might want to print, for yourself or for a gift: recipe cards.

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The Frame Tool

When PaintShop Pro 2022 was released, so were some new functionalities. Among them was the Frame tool. What is it, and how does it work?

Where is it?

You will find the Frame tool added to the set of tools, on the left (by default). If you are using the Complete workspace, you will find it here:

On the other hand, if you use the Essential workspace, it won't be there initially, and you will need to retrieve it by clicking the + sign and scrolling to the Frame tool.

What does it do?

The Frame tool will allow the user to create a simple and quick frame, that is either elliptic or rectangular, on your project. You can find the basic shape to select, on the toolbar once you activate the Frame tool.

Once the shape is selected,  create that selection on your image, where you want it, and in the dimensions you want.

You will see, in the Layers palette, that the frame layer will be created in a group, similar to a mask layer.

At this point, you need to add your image so it shows up within that frame. You will be able to do that with File > Embed image...

From there, you navigate to the image you want to display. Once the image is selected, the program will copy it in that group and resize it to fit the frame.

In this example, the frame was vertical while the photo was horizontal. This means that the program adjusted the height to the maximum of the frame. Using the nodes visible, you can adjust the size and the placement of the photo. You can also rotate it using the center handle, if you want. While you are moving or adjusting your photo, a translucent version of your photo will be visible to help you make the correct modification.

Once you let go of the cursor, your photo will show as intended.

If you check in the Layers palette, you will see a familiar-looking group of layers: the frame layer and the image underneath.

Can you modify the frame?

Yes. Simply reactivate the Frame layer in the Layers palette, and the nodes will appear around the frame. Use those nodes to resize, change the dimensions, or even rotate the frame. Just like in the example above, while you are in the process of modifying the frame, the photo will appear in transparency so you can more easily adjust the frame.

Once you let go, the image will show normally inside that frame.

Warning about saving

Since this feature is currently exclusive to PaintShop Pro 2022, if you save your work in a compatibility mode that is other than for PSP2022, you will get a warning message like this:

You might have seen similar warning messages about vectors and chose to ignore it. In this case, what happens is that you WILL lose the Frame layer. Lucky for you, you will not lose your work. In fact, the Frame layer will then be converted to a Mask layer, which will work in a similar way. This will happen even if you reopen the .pspimage file in PSP2022. It will depend on the compatibility mode.

This conversion makes sense since previous versions of PaintShop Pro could not handle that new Frame layer, so the Mask layer is the closest option, and at least, it is still working fine for you.

This new tool will be great when you want to create a card, or a quick collage without actually cutting your photos. Go and give it a try! Remember that you can show us your result in our forum!

Theme – Careers

A profession is usually what we do for a living. It requires knowledge, skills, and advanced education or training. Selecting a career or profession to pursue is never an easy task. It’s actually one of the most important decisions a person will make in his lifetime. Most people choose their profession based on their educational background and capabilities while others pick a certain career which will bring in more money for them or ignite their passion for the things they really love.

Whether you’re currently looking for new career opportunities, thinking of switching to another job, or simply wanting to learn more about other professions, there will be plenty of possible options to choose from. Taking your time to discover whether a specific field will suit you or spark your interest is always a good idea. After all, we wanted to be at our best and be proud of the things we do, right? Here, you will find a few career-themed layouts that may encourage you to showcase your dream profession or probably help you present what career path you have taken...with pride.

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Featured Resource – Backblaze

As a PaintShop Pro user, you likely have a lot of photos, and also, various supplies to use in your program. Of course, you surely have other programs too. What would happen if you had a sudden computer crash and lost all your content? It would be quite devastating, wouldn't it? Of course, you can do regular backups, but what if you forgot? Or what if the crash happens just as you are going to do the backup?

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How to move a Selection

PaintShop Pro has a variety of Selection tools, and even more were added in version X6 with the Selection Brush and the Auto-Selection tool. Although selecting a specific area is simple, sometimes we would like the selection in a different area. That is possible with PaintShop Pro.

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