6 Ways to add journaling

Whenever you are working on a scrapbook project, it is important to add some information about the page. Including a story will make that page that much more engaging than

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Remember when…? – Box

As I was preparing for the Christmas gift wrapping and exchanging, one statement my mom used to say, came back to my mind: “Never rely on the box”. This statement

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Remember when…? – Newspaper

Kids’ perception or interpretation of things that surround them is very different than how adults see them, and as kids grow up, sometimes, it will differ from what their peers

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Remember when…? – Taller

When I was in elementary grades, we had desks that were attached to the chair. It was all one big, heavy desk. I guess they were convenient to prevent moving

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Remember when…? – Busy

When I was a kid, like most kids, I had some favorite TV shows. I was really impressed by the technology of TV programming when I found out that real

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