The classes are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Donna

Wonderful presentation and done in simple language that everyone even beginners can understand. – Charlene

Easy to follow and easy to understand even if you are not English-speaking. Everything is explained in an easy and good way. – Britt-Marie

I have been working in PSP for 15 years & I learned something totally new to me. – Peggy

The step by step instruction was clear and concise while being presented in a very user-friendly way. The information was timely and usable and worth the investment of time taken to participate. It was a great class. – Marilyn

It is very informative and you always learn something new no matter how much you think you know. Cassel knows something you don’t… – Joyce

I was SO excited at all the TUTORIALS I had been searching the internet for, for years and years! I browsed for a couple days and then just knew I had to be a Diamond Member so I could have access to as much information as possible. Oh, I was, and still am, in 7th HEAVEN! – Paige

I loved the class and learned several new things. Cassel was easy to follow and took the time answer as many questions as she could. I can not wait for her next class. – Becky

Very informative for all skill levels For the beginner to advanced beginner I would most highly recommend getting a copy of the presentation because there is so much useful information and too much to take in at one time. I consider myself more of an advance user and it was a good refresher webinar. I did pick up a couple of pointers that I did not know or forgot about. All the classes are wonderful and I always find them helpful. I have been attending your classes for five years. – Mary G.

It seems to feel like a one-to-one by your side next to your computer showing you what to do. If there is something you do not understand you can ask a question and Cassel with reply on air. You could not get anything better than that for free. – Perry

It helps to think outside the box. I am looking for different ways to use Paint Shop and this really helped to point me in a different direction. – Yvonne

A class like this one opens up another realm of digital scrapbooking. New ideas and reminders of old ideas surface while watching Cassel move about the screen and listen to her describing what she is doing. Multiple ways of doing things are also shared. All in all very enjoyable class to watch. – Ann Siegert

It is so great to be able to SEE the steps in action. I am a visual person and this so simplifies it. – Nancy

Cassel’s classes are fantastic and that you will learn so many wonderful tricks to do in PSP that you didn’t even think were possible – Judy

These master classes have really helped me learn what PSP is capable of and how all the different settings affect results. – Yobeth

I was searching the internet for digital scrapbooking tutorials and found the tutorials at the Campus very easy to understand. (…) I am constantly learning and referring to the Campus training material. I admire Cassel with her dedication and enthusiasm for scrapbooking she is always willing to help and continues to provide excellent resources.- Royanne

I love how easy the tutorials are to follow and that you are also provided with a PDF file as well. Cassel makes it all look so easy. I have made several embellishments now since starting these lessons, and learnt so many new techniques. – Wendy

Even after 15 years of using PSP, I still have learned so much from the tutorials! I can truly say that these Course really work for me.I have tried many other classes in the past but could never find what I was looking for. – Lisa

Even though I am at least an intermediate level user I always learn something cool 🙂 – JoAnn

I love this class it is very informational and the videos are very informative. I would really recommend this to everyone! – Jenn

Learning PSP is so much fun when you know how to use it and this class is the best place to learn. – Linda

With just a few lessons, I know that I can make meaningful pages for my family. I am confident that I can explore more of this powerful program, with help from Cassel. – Joanne

I just finished watching the first Module of the Basic Scrap course. I was never interested in scrapbooking before, but this gave me a new slant on making digital scrapbooks. Excellent!- Eileen

Cassel is so good at explaining things, everything seems very simple and straightforward and I find I can create wonderful things very easily. – Marlene

The classes have opened up whole new uses for the program for me. – Beth