You can create a unique scrapbook to remember the fun time, showcase your photos and share them with your loved ones.


Those special moments deserve to be captured and shared.
You can showcase your photos, design your pages and create your own embellishments.
We are there to guide you. 

Do you have a bunch of old photos that you would like to showcase because you have fond memories associated with them? 

Do you have some photos but are showing unwanted telephone poles, litter, or foreign creatures?

Do you want to create a magical world to put a photo of your child or grandchild in?

As a DIAMOND member, I have learned so much from the different tutorials offered. It does not matter what version of PSP you work with you can always find your way around or ask for info on your particular version. The DIAMOND membership is an excellent resource to make my experience with PSP Scrapbooking more beneficial and rewarding. – Royanne Hewko

There is a lot you would dream of doing

Do you love to create pages as you see online but you have no idea where to start to create your first page or your whole album?

Did you already gather some digital supplies, but you can’t find the perfect match because no designer created a kit for your photo and your story?

Do you also want to create those fancy and intricate effects on your photos?

Do you want to create special holiday cards with your kids’ or your pet’s photos?

Yes, that is all possible! Let me tell you how.

Creating scrapbook layouts is possible, 

even if you have never done it before.

Creating scrapbook layouts is possible, 
even if you have never
done it before.

I just love having access to all the tutorials in the Campus. If I can’t work out how to do something with PaintShop Pro, my first stop is the Campus to see if there is a tutorial on it. I find the Tutorials very easy to follow and I do know that help is only an email away if I have any problem or a question to ask. – Christine Angell

You want to save time and money...

When I heard about scrapbooking, I thought it was a fun and creative way to showcase photos, but when my friend showed me her stash of papers, stickers, markets, tools and other supplies, I was shocked. It seemed like so much was needed to create a handful of pages. How do you find exactly what you want to use? So many drawers and containers to check. And then, what if you find a nice patterned paper but it is green and you need it blue? Or what if you needed 6 buttons but only had 2?

That is why I never started traditional paper scrapbooking, even though I LOVED to look at her pages.

Since I already had PaintShop Pro, and I was starting to learn it, I was ecstatic when I realized that I would not have to buy loads of supplies or spend tons of money to create beautiful scrapbook pages!

I spent hours and hours exploring PaintShop Pro, finding ways to create various designs, elements, and effects and that allowed me to create my first few pages. Once I showed those first pages to online friends, they were impressed and asked me how I did that. I started making a few tutorials for them, and then more people asked to learn, and soon, we had over a hundred ladies (and a handful of gentlemen) who were eager to share their photos and stories.

More and more people wanted to create their own scrapbook pages, without the mess, without the storage, and without the expenses of traditional scrapbooking.

Well, that is why I created the Campus

But you also want great results, TODAY!

What if you had step by step instructions to create the most intricate effects or the most unique elements to complete your projects?

Is PaintShop Pro still intimidating you?

I had the exact same feeling when I started. I had no clue what all those buttons and icons were for. Even their name didn’t mean much to me. 

It was SCARY.

I wished I had some step-by-step instructions when I started, but there weren’t. Lucky for you, that is now available in the Campus.

You can do it too

Through all those years, I have recorded tutorials to explain how I am creating all those elements, and achieving those special effects. 

You will be able to improve your photos by changing the grey sky, adjusting the color, removing those unsightly elements in the background or even getting rid of that photo-bomber!

You will be able to create your page so you will be proud to show off your photos, your stories, and your creativity.

You will be able to use and tweak those supplies you have or will find online, so you won’t have to buy or search for more.

You will be able to create your own supplies that will perfectly match your photos and your vision.

With just a few lessons, I know that I can make meaningful pages for my family. I am confident that I can explore more of this powerful program, with help from Cassel. – Joanne

That must be hard work, right?

It was hard work for me, because I had no guide, no tutorial, no support. I was alone in learning that.

But you won’t be.

I will be there to guide you. 

You will have video tutorials to follow (you can watch them over and over and over again).

You will have written instructions you can print and annotate as needed.

You will have a place to share your projects and your questions.

You will have a group of enthusiastic PSP’ers to encourage you and inspire you. 

Our DIAMOND membership is for you

Joining the DIAMOND membership allows you to start IMMEDIATELY.

 *** No delay *** No waiting ***

The vault includes hundreds of tutorials and classes, that you can watch whenever you want, in any order you want. Pick the class you want now. Follow the tutorial for the project you want to create today.

You get them ALL. 

I was SO excited at all the TUTORIALS I had been searching the internet for, for years and years! I browsed for a couple days and then just knew I had to be a Diamond Member so I could have access to as much information as possible. Oh, I was in 7th HEAVEN! Paige

Are you still unsure?

Try the DIAMOND membership for a whole week, for only $1
no matter what plan you choose.

You will have 7 full days to…

  • watch as many Master Classes as you want
  • browse through the visual index or all the individual elements available
  • watch as many elements and effects tutorials as you want
  • download up to 10 documents (written or video)


(monthly option)
$ 25 per month
  • Get full access today


(yearly option)
$ 250 pay for 10 months
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All prices are in USD

With your membership, you get INSTANT access to…

400+ Video Tutorials to create elements, designs and effects

120+ Full-length Master Classes on scrapbooking, photo editing and PaintShop Pro

60+ Layered Templates to get your started on your next project

250+ Inspiration Ideas to help you think outside the box

Forum access with games and challenges

Email support if you ever get stuck

If you are not satisfied with the course in the first 30 days, for WHATEVER reason, just email us and you will get a FULL REFUND

My name is Carole and when I started using PaintShop Pro, I was like you: a bit overwhelmed by the program and only able to use the basic tools available.

However, over the last 15 years, I have developed an expertise in using the program to create anything you need to complete simple or elaborate scrapbook pages to showcase your photos and stories.

As a featured expert on the Corel site (makers of the PaintShop Pro program), I have created tools, elements, and tutorials that are available on their site.

I have also helped hundreds of PaintShop Pro users and scrapbooking students, in live classes and online, to create unique layouts they were proud to display and share.

Carole Cassel
Partner with Corel
PaintShop Professional
Featured in Discovery Center