Using Alignment in scrapbook pages

Alignment is an important design principle for a lot of things surrounding us. It can be applied to how you arrange the frames on your wall, or how you decorate a cake. It is just as important on a scrapbook page, where you can line elements in a pleasing and balanced way. Let's have a look at different ways you can use alignment in your project.

Center Alignment

As its name implies, center alignment is when elements are placed in the center of the page or in the middle of the page with equal space left on each side. This type of alignment creates an even and balanced look. To achieve center alignment on a scrapbook page, you can use a ruler to help measure out the equal distance on either side of the element. But you can also go by eye, instead of measuring.

Center alignment could be done in different ways. You can align the elements or the photos horizontally, or vertically.

Layout by AMarie Charp


Layout by Yvonne Puckett

You can align the photos, the elements, or even the journaling. And how about a combination of all three?

Layout by Marilyn Ramirez

Grid Alignment

Grid alignment is when elements are arranged in a grid pattern on the page. It can be easy to achieve using the guides in your graphic program. Can you find some sketches of templates using a grid alignment? You can use those as a starting point.

You can use a very clear grid arrangement for the whole project while adding some interest between the photos.

Layout from Becky Wooler

If you don't like a very structured grid, you can be a bit more flexible and use the grid as a starting point only. In this case, you can change the placement of some elements or photos, or use another arrangement within the basic grid. Pocket scrapbooking is one type of project that uses a modified grid alignment.

Layout by Candy Moe


Layout by Candy Moe


Edge Alignment

Edge alignment is when elements are placed along the edge of the page. This type of alignment is a little harder to use as it might seem that one edge, where you put your photos or elements becomes a "heavier" side. You have to be careful to balance with something else on the other side.

Layout by Linda
Layout by Marisa Lerin

Diagonal Alignment

Diagonal alignment is when elements are arranged in a diagonal pattern on the page. It can be a true diagonal or an approximation. Although you can expect the diagonal to be going from one corner to the opposite one, it can be slightly offset too.

Layout by AMarie Charp


Cluster Alignment

Cluster alignment is when elements are arranged in clusters on the page. Clusters are a little more challenging to use as you have to make sure that the important element does not get lost. You can cluster with the photos, but typically, it will be done with elements as they tend to be a bit smaller than the photos. But why not cluster both, photos and elements for a unique effect?

Layout by Joyce Ford


Each type of alignment creates a unique look and can be used in a variety of ways to create a cohesive design on the page. With a little practice and experimentation, you can create beautiful scrapbook pages using alignment. You might have a favorite type of alignment. On the other hand, maybe you are using alignment without even thinking about it. Have a look at your favorite scrapbook layouts and see if you are using one of these types of alignments.

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