Theme – New Year

The end of the year reminds us of our hardships and achievements and now we are gearing up for a new one. There are many festivals that celebrate the beginning

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Creating A Bokeh effect with PSP

A Bokeh effect is created, usually, by photographers using particular settings on their camera to focus on a subject and turn everything else, in the background, into a set of

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Theme – Seasons

The most beautiful thing about nature is that it changes. The colors are more vibrant, the leaves change color, and your favorite flower blooms as the summer months draw to

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Ways to use map papers

When creating your next scrapbook project, you will be using a variety of papers. You can use solid papers, ombre, patterned, or textured papers. But another type of paper that

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Featured Resource – Zoom

When the COVID pandemic hit, a lot of in-person meetings had to transition to an online format. Whether we like it or not, it turned out to be a great

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The Layers palette in PaintShop Pro

The Layers palette is extremely important for anyone using PaintShop Pro who wants to take advantage of the powers of layers. Layers allow you to manipulate elements independently, giving you

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