Scrapping adventure, events, or moments

Some scrapbook projects will cover larger adventures that often span over several days, like a vacation, a trip, or a journey. Other projects might document specific events that tend to take place in a single day, like a wedding, a party, or a visit to the zoo. Finally, other scrapbook pages will be about candid photos taken when something just catches our eye (or the camera lens). What will you scrap?

Scrapping adventures

When you plan a multi-day event, you have lots of opportunities to take photos to share, and document stories to tell. Often, those adventures will be showcased through a complete album or at least, several pages. In addition, the simple fact that there are several days of activities to document, many pages will give that feeling of the passing time. If you are going on a cruise, a trip, or a vacation, so many things can happen. If you are going through home renovations, you will also have several steps you can document. You can show the before photos, the demolition, the empty room, the new additions, to the finishing touches.

In this layout, it was the first day of a week-long vacation.

Layout by Cassel

Then, another day of the week meant another activity.

Layout by Cassel

Scrapping events

Typically, an event will take place on a single day. It could be a wedding, a trip to the zoo, a visit to the park, a birthday party, etc. Of course, you can document the whole event or just little moments captured throughout the day.

In this layout, I gathered pictures during a visit to a light show/ride that lasted over an hour. There was no specific start or finish to the story, so the layout did not focus on any sequence.

Layout by Cassel

During such events, there might be a logical sequence of activities but that is not always the case.  If you find the activity has a beginning, a middle, and an end, you can document them. For example, arriving at the park, during rides, and when leaving with balloons in hand.

Here, although there are lots of photos, they all document one afternoon outing tree-trekking.

Layout by Cassel

Scrapping moments

Throughout the day, you might notice those cute but "insignificant" moments of the day. A squirrel might be waving at you while eating bird feed. Your child might just bring you a bouquet of dandelions or daisies. Or maybe you just catch the kids quietly sitting together. Those moments might just make you smile and if you have your phone or camera close by, it is a perfect opportunity to snap a photo. Those stories will just be random but will make you smile.

Here is a simple photo of a first-grader deeply concentrated on writing a picnic list.

Layout by Cassel

And what about a fun picture of the kids playing nicely at the park?

Layout by Cassel

You might have a preference in what you scrap, what you document, and the pictures you take. There is no right or wrong way, and we will usually scrap in all those ways, at one point or another. And you can also find some candid moments during a day-long activity! Why not?

The most important point to remember is that everything can be a story and every story deserves to be told, even if it is only to make you smile.

Do you scrap photos or memories? Check this article to see other ways you can approach scrapping.


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