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Theme – Vintage

When we say vintage, it’s usually something (or someone) dating from the past - antique, old-fashioned, or classic.

An old photo is almost always a favorite subject of a vintage layout. But sometimes, even the most contemporary image can look old-fashioned with the right embellishments.

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Gold Star – Michele

In the last few months, Michele has become a very active member of our community, sharing projects and layouts, participating in our games and challenges, but also encouraging others and being an inspiration herself when she shares how she creates this or that. Everyone appreciates her taking time to share that. So, what else do you know about Michele?

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Keep your Paintshop Pro supplies organized

PaintShop Pro is a great graphic program that comes with an array of supplies like brushes, patterns, gradients, and more. However, as a user, you will most likely gather more supplies that you will download or purchase. Although it might seem like an overkill to plan an organization strategy, you will very quickly find out that those downloads will become a big mess without one. Let's look at some easy ways to stay in control.

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