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Mask Workshop 2023


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Another workshop will soon start. Are you in?

It will start on February 13th.

This workshop is FREE for everyone, so spread the word. This workshop is meant to be for those with some experience with PaintShop Pro. If you are brand new to using the program, it will be a little more challenging, although we are here to help you if you still want to participate.

Did you find this thread before the registration page? Here it is. (and yes, it is the same series of tutorials, but I'll try to find more supplies for the DIAMOND members)

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I'll be here. I really need practice with "homemade" masks. I'm too dependent on Cassel's script: Raster-to-Mask which limits me to whatever shape the raster is and doesn't have those nice fading brush strokes on the edges. 

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3 minutes ago, Ann Seeber said:

Carole: Is there any way we can get some instruction on using pre-made masks? I have several but don't know how to use them. Thanks!

It would depend on the format they come in. I have a a couple of tutorials on using masks:

How to use masks?

Using transparent masks

But we will go in further details during the Workshop.

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It doesn't matter how many times I do the steps for converting to a mask, I still manage to mix it up and have to re-do and re-do! This one was fairly straightforward to do, but I had so many interruptions while I was trying to do it! But, done for Day 1. (It was, however, easier than the first time I did this workshop.)

Mask Workshop Day 1 02-23_600.jpg

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