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  1. Texas changed clocks last weekend (March 10). It's useless, I hate it.
  2. I've put all my eggs in one basket. (I've heard that your are not suppose to do that) ?.
  3. I like spiders, especially Jumping Spiders. We had a black one that lived in out window a long time ago. I named him Spencer.
  4. Well I finished all 5 projects. As you can tell this is all new to me but I think I did OK considering. I owe it all to a great teacher. Thank you Cassel! My main interest was to learn PSP. The only trouble I had on this one was the text would disappear when I resized to 600. I had to convert it to raster to make it work. Also when I uploaded it the colors are washed out. It looked much better before. ? an apple for the teacher.
  5. I see a mouse on the left, a duck on the bottom.
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