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  1. Corrie, we did it again...posted almost at the same time. X = Xmas
  2. Banana Box Christmas is my all-time favorite!
  3. This is a template from the 2023 December A Love For Layout Templates Blog Train. Template was created by The Cherry On Top. I added texture to the tree and snowman. The photos are from Christmas, 2020. Friends, under the cover of darkness, left the snowmen on my front porch. Each snowman was 3 boxes which contained Christmas gifts. What a nice surprise!
  4. I really struggled with this one. I found a couple of bird pngs on Creative Fabrica but I just didn't like anything I created. Finally I used the photo for my background. Cut out the cardinal and promoted it to a layer. Added texture to the photo/background and reduced the opacity a little. Certainly not my original idea but I like this the best of all my ideas. Font is Bahuraksa. I think it is a Window's font. This is an old photo and I noticed after I had taken the photo that there was a heart shape on the branch beneath the cardinal.
  5. I downloaded 3 png files from Digital Scrapbooking. All show transparent backgrounds in Windows photo viewer but 2 have a green background when opened in PSP 2022. I also opened them in 2023 with the same result. https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/chitra-david/designs/snow-bird-cardinal-graphic-pine-branch-paint-splatter-winter-red-orange-green https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/chitra-david/designs/snow-bird-bull-finch-graphic-winter-pine-branch-berries-red-orange-green-white https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/chitra-david/designs/arctic-animals-graphic-winter-killer-whales-penguin-walrus-polar-bear-seal The attached is a screenshot in PSP 2022. The creator,Chitra David, does not know why this is happening. Her designs can be found in the Commons. Any suggestions?
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