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  1. This is "Willow Poppy". I created a layout about the baby shower which was titled, "Willow Poppy". Her "real" name is Matilda Jean, AKA Tilly. She had a pretty tough start in life but is now home with Mom and Dad and learning to enjoy life.
  2. God willing and the creek don't rise.
  3. Thank you, Corrie. We were lucky but we had tons of fun!
  4. Yes, Corrie, I am blessed beyond measure.
  5. Ralph and I played in a pickleball tournament with no skill levels and no age groups, meaning we played all players regardless of their skill level or age. Ralph is almost 20 years my junior and we played a 20 year old and a 16 year old. I was by far the oldest player. We won the bronze medal. Template: MFish, You Did It 04.
  6. Nathan's Dairy Bar...a favorite and much visited place. CD digital scrapbooking template 339 (Chantahlia Design).
  7. This plant volunteered in my yard. Blue is my favorite color so you know I love this one. I learned so much making this layout. Bees have pouches on their legs to store pollen. The pollen of the Chicory plant is white. This flower is actually is many flowes...each petal is a flower.Chicory opens with the sunrise and closes around noon. Template 239 by Lady 22.
  8. A little late but here it is. I was really surprised to look up and find this girl so close and willing to come closer! Fonts: Arial, Alphebet Soup Tilt BT (Curiousity), Sloppy Hand (wild and wonderful)
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