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  1. Eureka! I discovered the trick to adding the vertical separators to the Standard Toolbar. I knew it was simple, but required some finesse steps. Here's the process: In PSP, select View > Customize to open the Customize dialog box. Find an icon to the left of a separator. Click and hold on the icon. A representation of a small button displays near the icon. Move the button slightly to the right, but not so far that you see the I Beam cursor. If you see the I Beam, move the button back to left until the I Beam disappears. Release the mouse button. A new separator displays to the left of the icon you selected. Drag and drop the icons you want into the new section. Close the Customize dialog.
  2. The vertical line between the icons on the toolbars.
  3. I'm using PSP2023 Ultimate, and customizing the Standard toolbar. I know there is a way to add a separator (|) between groups of icons on the toolbar, but I have completely forgotten how to do it. I've exhausted all the help topics relating to customizing toolbars, searched this site, and I'm tired of searching the web. Can you help me? Obviously, I am not using the correct term(s) to find what I'm looking for. Thank you so much!
  4. Is there a way to save the images created in Lesson 6 as a picture tube or reusable shape? When I follow the steps in Lesson 2, Shape is greyed out. When I try to export as a picture tube, it tells me that the image needs to be 24 bit and have only one raster layer with a transparency. I have a Raster 1 layer on the bottom that I am unable to delete. The Stroked Objects is the top layer. The middle layer is the Vector layer. See image attached. I'd like to create an alphabet/font that I can call within PSP without digging through a bunch of individual files; hence trying to save a letter as a pre-set shape or picture tube. Perhaps I am asking too much or the wrong thing.
  5. Lesson 6. I've always wanted to make something like this. Now to make it a pre-set shape. Is that Lesson 7?
  6. Thanks, Cassel. I should have known to look at the blog!
  7. I am a long time PSP user and I am looking for best practices for installing a new version and merging old PSP content into my new version. I also use Dropbox, and I want to be able to back up all of my PSP content in the event of a computer crash. I seem to have multiple versions of Brush etc. folders, but I just want one with everything, that I can back up to Dropbox. Any advice? I just invested in 2023 Ultimate (currently have 2020 Ultimate), and I don't want to make a bigger mess of my Paintshop Pro files than I currently have. Thanks!
  8. Creating my own masks. I'm really pleased with the layout and now knowing how to make my own masks. Thanks!
  9. I tried the Kaleidoscope method. The selection I made had red, royal purple, and navy blue. I kept winding up with this bright pink and blue combination. Even if I changed the selection area and started over from scratch. Any clues why this happened? I'm using the 2020 Ultimate version. Thanks!
  10. My Lesson Two example. I think my plaid is too strong for the layout in general, but I appreciate learning how to make a plaid. It's something I've wanted to do for a while.
  11. The results from Lesson One. I already feel more accomplished. Why did I wait so long to learn this?
  12. Hi! I am totally clueless about masks. Why would I want to use one? How do you do it? I'm looking forward to getting my questions answered!
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