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  1. Happy Birthday ! 💐 and thank you !
  2. Unfortunately there is not much to photograph, at least not outside because, just like Corrie in the Netherlands, we still have gray and rainy weather in Belgium. Not nice to go outside at all.
  3. Week 6, In Leuven, the city where I live, almost 2,000 Chinese live. To celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 10, the Chinese association 'Nihao Leuven' put together a colorful dragon of up to 10 meters long for a dragon parade in Leuven Center. He is joined by two lions.
  4. I missed this. Still, congratulations on your birthday !
  5. Susan, you worked a lot in this workshop to edit all photos with the PencilSketch2 script and then edit further until you achieved the desired result. Very nice !
  6. I also chose Slippers 😄
  7. I did the little pop up Quiz 😄 my score is 9/10, I got the cat's name wrong 🤭
  8. I would also be happy with a bruch workshop!
  9. DAY 7 Font: AR CARTER, Brad : by Magnolia (Digitalscrapbook, blog train Oct.21) Cat on photo is PLUCHE, our friends' cat that I take care of when they are on vacation
  10. Font: AR CARTER Brad : by Magnolia (Digitalscrapbook, blog train Oct.21)
  11. DAY 6 Bird : free png (pngwing) Nature element : Commons (digitalscrapbook) Elisabeth Minkus Font : Alegra
  12. Cluster: Jessica Dunn (digitalscrapbook) Fonts : Forte and Molly Script The birds are free photoshop bruches that I downloaded once, I think on deviantart For the paper, I applied 3 large strokes with green, light blue and darker blue on a blue background, using a watercolor brush.
  13. Bird : free png (pngwing) Nature element : Commons (digitalscrapbook) Elisabeth Minkus Font : Alegra
  14. Day 5 Monoline fonts : Simplefire and Grape Escape
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