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  1. Believe it or not, I'm still working on my calendar. I really should have planned better. I'm also being inspired by others.
  2. Thanks, @Jannette Nieuwboer, but it's @Chris Schults that's not feeling well.
  3. Thinking of you, Chris. I'm hoping your cold goes away quickly.
  4. The Yule Ball is from the Harry Potter stories. I pieced together a bunch of different elements including a few touches from Particle Shop onto a background pic of the empty ballroom. The font is, appropriately, Harry P.
  5. I just downloaded Samantha Upright and discovered I have several different fonts with Samantha in their names. You may have looked at the wrong font in Character Map as I did. BTW, this is the first font where the Bonus File has a PDF showing every single glyph. I wish every font designer would do that as it's so much easier to see them in a large format.
  6. Does the dafont version have the glyphs? Oftentimes the free ones don't.
  7. CF has both and Handycheera has some cool glyphs.
  8. I couldn't resist posting this when it crossed my FB news feed.
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