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  1. Absolutely stunning! That font is incredible and you did an amazing job on it.
  2. Decided to make this daily pic look like an old-fashioned scrapbook page. It's an updated version of the one I did in 2017 (in green). I like them both, but the display size that FB uses now is different than it was back then which is why I had to change it. The font is Nymph's Handwriting free from Nymphont.
  3. This is such a beautiful layout that I had to download all the kits in the bundle! I would enjoy my morning coffee on your lovely patio.
  4. She's ba-ack!!!! It's wonderful to see your creations again, @AprilDawn. ❤️
  5. I will rename the layers if I have a lot of them. I'll also add drop shadow info to them when there are different drop shadows for different layers, e.g. Red Flower 5/5/50/25. The reason I do this is because I will re-use some layouts like cards and when changing the text, I want to keep the same d/s. As @Corrie Kinkel said, we all have our own systems. I'll often find better ways to do something by reading how other people do them.
  6. @Cassel How about a no-photo scrapbook challenge?
  7. I have been missing you so much, Dawn! I miss our emails, too. So glad you've been getting some pleasure from PSP and the Campus. ❤️
  8. I love how you blended the pictures with the text being the divider. Very creative.
  9. Great pic! Years ago I had to drive by a pond that was a few blocks from my office. There were many mornings I was late because I had to wait for the geese to finish crossing the road.
  10. I'm in. I did last year's workshop, but I still have a tough time with vectors.
  11. Never mind. It's working now. Hip hip hooray!
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