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  1. There seems to be a problem with this site tonight. Several times I have had to sign in twice. This is my take on the DIY Challenge. All papers are mine, the acorn is from Creative Fabrica.
  2. Sue and Susan. You intrigued me. So I had to try it out. That's a great way to make a mask.
  3. S is for St. Nicholas. Finally getting back to my alphabet challenge from 2022. The font for St. Nicholas is Ballpark. Santa Claus is from Creative Fabrica and his coat was colorized red because my daughter said it looked like a motorcycle jacket. The holly leave and berries are mine from a previous lab as a paint brush (so I colored the berries separately), the poinsetta is a picture tube. The silver glitter paper is from Donna Sills stash that she shared with us earlier this year which I colorized as silver - the red one I colorized wouldn't work here. The font for Santa Claus is Brandish. I think the St. Nicholas statue picture was from Wikipedia. The frame around it I developed with selections, etc.
  4. It is so much fun playing around in PSP!!
  5. Susan - I love that "just playing around" you did with the papers and I love that element.
  6. I always liked books by Rosamunde Pilcher. Usually poignantly sweet.
  7. The last one which was so much fun was skipped. Let me try again to upload it (I reduced the size to 500
  8. Yes, I always love what you do with the Fabulous Divas, Michele. I'm still playing. Made an image of my Chattanooga Pallet - putting the colors in squares. Then I made a copy of the jpg and played with Kaleidoscope and at the last, played with a copy of it and twirled it, kaleidoscoped it and twirled it again and then kaleidoscoped it again. These are the results. I can't seem to get to making layouts and I need to finish my 2022 Alphabet challenge - S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. Still a lot to do before I can make a photo album of it. And, then, there is the rest of the double page workshop that I didn't finish. My, my - my To-Do List is overflowing! LOL.
  9. Well, I finished the Chattanooga trip and have ordered it to be printed by Shutterfly. I have enjoyed looking at the neat layouts in the Bootcamp. So I can't seem to get back to created anymore layouts. I played today with Creative Fabrica's CFSpark and with Abstract Curves. Made some patterns in Abstract Curves, and played with AI in CFSpark by asking for the roadrunner and cactus plants. These are my results.
  10. I see you keep your phone handy too. LOL
  11. Last layout for the Chattanooga trip. You all may remember the hexagon template we got probably last year or the year before. This is my first time using it (and I forgot I had the pspimage and made one from the png LOL). But I must say that it was good practice!
  12. Most of us remember Annie with great fondness. She was one special lady. Thanks for another remembrance of her.
  13. Cristina - Really a WOW layout. I'm just playing again. Thought that that Victorian Enamel corner I had created earlier might make a nice touch on a photo. So I created a mask and then used it.
  14. It was on a plane crash as he and some of the band were on the way to perform for the troops. The plane was never found and it was assumed that it went down over the Atlantic Ocean - I believe he was on his way from England. This was shown in the movie that was made about his life starring Jimmy Stewart as Glenn Miller and June Alyson as his wife. I saw the movie but can't tell you when it was made - probably early or middle 1950's.
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