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  1. Yeah, I was disappointed when I saw the price it cost to print a full-color book but I can't imagine this book in black and white. Not only is there the printing cost, but Amazon also takes a cut of the rest. Even for the Kindle books!
  2. That looks strangely familiar!! 😉 I got my copies today, even though their ETA was June 24th! Woohoo!
  3. Are you an avid reader? If so, do you still use printed versions of books or do you prefer the "newer" digital formats? Either way, why is it your preferred method? Let's chat about books.
  4. I ordered mine last week, and the ETA is July 24th!!! Go figure! (and I ordered from .ca too so no customs to cross!)
  5. Correct. It is not a bug, but just a little oddity of the function.
  6. Thank you. Although it is not 900 scripts (there are picture tubes, brushes, and fonts), they are the vast majority of products. And no, I never envisioned having that many products in the store. At this rate, I might reach 1000 in 2 years! Are you all going to stick by me?? 🙂
  7. First of all, come and say HI if once you register for this workshop. We want to know who else will be there, on our side to cheer us up. Remember that it is NOT a contest. It is a friendly workshop to get you to do something you might not have thought of doing before. Once the Workshop is started, on July 22nd, you can post your pages, and your stories here (if it is too small to read, you can always copy and paste the text, if you want). Remember to resize your image to about 600 pixels before uploading it so it won't slow down the site when we have lots of your masterpieces. The workshop will include prompts and downloadable templates (for you to be creative) and quick-pages (if you are in a hurry). Although the same seven templates/quick-pages will be used as in two years ago, there will also be some additional supplies for our DIAMOND members. If you found this thread without seeing the registration page, you can go and register (remember, it is FREE). Register now And bring a friend over!
  8. I think it was a "new bug" after the update #2.
  9. Yes, this is a bug in 2023. It was reported but not fixed yet.
  10. Let's continue this new challenge. We might be the ones taking pictures but we are not the feature of our layouts, so let's change that since we ARE important and have lots to say. Every month or so, the layout will be about YOU, and a prompt will be given. If you have taken the Story Week Challenge, you will find some similarities but it won't be the same. For the July layout, tell us something about your school or school years. Do you have school photos? Do you have photos of your school? Do you have stories of things that happened at school, with other students, with teachers? Let's share. It might be a trip down memory lane for most of us! Remember that if you want to create pages for previous prompts, those threads will stay open. There is no right or wrong order to share about you.
  11. That is fairly similar to mine. I think it does not have ExpressKeys on it, correct?
  12. I didn't need additional features, so I chose a model that was closest to what I had. The new one has Bluetooth, which might be useful in some contexts, but my desktop does not have Bluetooth so it is not something I NEED. It also has more sensitivity for pressure than older models, but again, that is something I don't need because I don't paint.
  13. Nope. All the clicks can be done with the pen/tablet. I have a mouse on my laptop (I use the tablet on my desktop), so I can easily switch from one to the other. Not really. I still used a mouse at work as I never had a tablet there. I also use a mouse on my laptop. I'll try to see what I can set up so you can see both my screen AND tablet at the same time for the Q&A. Not sure how, but I'll try to find something.
  14. If you read the blog post, I use it for everything. You know how you learned to move your mouse left to right and it moves the cursor left to right on the screen? That is the same thing with a tablet. Moving the pen on the surface will move the cursor on the screen the same way: up, down, left, right, diagonally, straight, and in any shape. I purposefully unplugged my mouse for the first few days, and that was it. The main difference is that you actually have more control. Try to write your name using a mouse. A table with a pen will feel exactly like a pen on paper: you use your finger for more precise movements. I personally don't use the pressure, but by default, it will set the size to *Pressure if you have a tablet. I think it is great for those PAINTING where you like to control how thick or thin a brush stroke is. I don't paint, so I change the setting to Normal for that. If others are also interested, I can try to set up something to show the Pen/tablet in action for the Q&A. If you want that, add it to the Q&A thread! 🙂
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