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  1. Do you want to challenge yourself to take photos every week for a year? Maybe you want to practice your photography skills, or just try to capture "ordinary" daily occurrences. Let's just encourage each other. This is a no-pressure thread, and you can share the photos you took or the theme you are going for (if you are going with a theme). And if you don't want to share the photos yet, and only showcase them once they are in a montage or a scrapbook page, you can just say that you did it. And it is ok to start your 52 weeks at any time. It does not have to start in January!
  2. First of all, come and say HI once you register for this Bootcamp. We want to know who else will be there, on our side to cheer everyone up. Everyone started as a beginner, so don't ever compare yourself to others. You will learn one tool at a time, one concept at a time and you will create one project at a time. Everyone will have different photos and possibly different supplies so every project will be different. Once the Bootcamp is started, on March 11th, 2024, you can post your projects in here. Remember to resize your images to about 600 pixels AND save them in jpg format, before uploading them to the gallery (check this tutorial to upload to the gallery) so it won't slow down the site when we have lots of your masterpieces. Try to follow the tutorials at least enough so that we can recognize what lesson you completed. Now, let's get ready! If you missed the registration link or if you found this thread before I announced it (some people are very observant), HERE it is. Share it around if you want. Although this Bootcamp is mostly meant to help beginners, we won't exclude anyone for "excess experience". Some participants are back for a second (or third) round. You are always welcome. Remember that it will be the exact same tutorials so don't be surprised. I am sure you will now do something slightly different than the previous time. Since anyone can follow the whole Bootcamp using the trial version of PaintShop Pro, this is a perfect opportunity for anyone to give it a try and see how they like the program, so share with your friends who MIGHT consider using PaintShop Pro. The 7 tutorials will be spaced out over almost 2 weeks. This should make it easier for participants to follow without feeling stressed (it should never be stressful!).
  3. In March, our monthly theme is DESSERTS. I expect this to become a delicious thread. What kind of desserts can we find that will start with the different letters of the alphabet? And since desserts might be very different from country to country so we will have a lot of options, even for the "difficult" letters! Let's go!
  4. The theme for March is DESSERTS. Are you a baker? Are you a dessert enthusiast? What is your favorite dessert? Do you have photos of fantastic desserts you had for a family gathering? Or how about your children? Did they ever make a mess of that chocolate cake? There are many ways to showcase desserts. Let's go! Post your project in the gallery.
  5. It is a new month and new projects. Show off what you are working on in March be it a scrapbook page, a collage, a tutorial, or anything else you want. We are curious and want to see, learn, and get inspired. These threads are quickly becoming a fantastic source of inspiration, support, and friendship. Keep them coming! Remember to size down your image to about 600x600 pixels and save it in .jpg format before posting it (if you are creating a double page, you can resize it to 1000 pixels in width if you don't want to post the pages separately). Here are a few guidelines for everyone: when you post a project, give as much information on your sources or techniques used. It will help others who are curious and would like to do the same. if someone uses something that you like on their page, ask where they got it. Sometimes, you can go get it too and it will be better quality than trying to extract it (as it would have been resized to post in the forum anyway). if it is something that they did from scratch, ask how they did it. It would be so helpful to everyone! if you like a photo and would like to “play with it”, ALWAYS ask permission. Sometimes, there are some limitations and the person is not allowed to let others use it. Don’t get them in trouble. Usually, people are happy to say yes (if they can) when you ask politely. And if you get permission, you might get a better-quality image than the resized image anyway.
  6. Looking at the original book released by JASC (many years ago) called Scrapbooking the digital way, they have a variety of techniques but they come with a simple layout tutorial (like torn edges, cutting photos, etc.) So that might be what could a second book be, so the first one would be for the basics like layers, how to start a page (quick-pages, templates, scraplifting), the components of a page, basic photo fixes and some "scrap with me" projects. Then, a second book could be about more scrapbook projects integrating various techniques. Well, I am still brainstorming as I work on things. I also have a document where I move things around!
  7. Yeah, it is looking like that. I wonder if I would have to release both books at once though ! 🙂
  8. I might need that for sure! Maybe it will become an encyclopedia!
  9. Depending on what content you download/install or purchase, they can be found in many different locations. First of all, once you have downloaded/installed them, do they appear in the drop-down list? For example, are the new picture tubes appearing in the Picture Tubes dropdown? If yes, they are installed properly and if you want to know where, you can hover over them in the drop-down list and it will show a "bubble" with the exact path of that tube. The same thing for any other supplies that is supposed to be installed through that page. On the other hand, if you are NOT seeing what you just downloaded/installed, then they might have been installed in a location that is not listed under the File location so your version of PSP is not seeing them. Here are some places you can look for them: C:\ProgramData\Corel\Corel PaintShop Pro 20xx (in one of the sub-folders) C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel PaintShop Pro 20xx (64-bit)\Languages\EN C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\20xx or C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\Purchased Do you find them there?
  10. It might be hard when a writer is facing a blank page, but I can tell you that it is not much easier when you have TOO MUCH on paper! So far, I have these ideas for a specific How-to section. I might have to make it into separate sections as I already have almost 100 pages and that does not include the elements in blue, which would need to be added to this. PSP basics · How to link and group · How to use the Text tool · How to add text on a path · How to wrap text inside a shape · How to install/import brushes · How to use brushes · How to use picture tubes (chapter 10) · How to use preset shapes · How to use scripts · How to save your projects (there is a blog post) Scrapbooking how-to · How to colorize elements · How to shadow (chapter 10) · How to showcase lots of photos (chapter 10) · How to choose a color for a layout (in chapter 10) · How to fold a ribbon · How to use a paperclip · How to create clusters · How to use masks · How to avoid common mistakes (chapter 10) This is going to be a big book!! There is so much I want to include (and with your suggestions too), but I am pretty sure I will have to trim things down. So much to share, and so little space ;)
  11. How did you pick the name of your pet? Did you have a particular reason for it? Did you let the kids choose? Was it the name the pet already had when you got him/her? Show us your pet and tell us the story of their name.
  12. One thing I found is that if the starting shape is very close to the edge and depending on the number of repeats, if the shape (plus the border) touches that edge (often on the left/right sides), it will happen. I have taken that into account in the default shapes, but I can't control it when you use your own preset shapes. If that is the case, draw your shape slightly off the top of the red rectangle. It might address that.
  13. Did you buy the supplies inside the program (on the Home page) or did you buy them separately, like on the Discovery Center or from my store?
  14. Not really. The sizeof the individual shapes will be determined by the number of repeats. If you have fewer repeats, the size can be larger. If it has lots of repeats, it has to be smaller. The project will be created at 3600x3600 pixels by default. If you need something smaller overall, you can always resize it afterward. Remember that this is to create a template. If you want to place elements in a circle, that would be totally different (maybe something like this?)
  15. Here is a challenge to do something that might not be repeated in other months. Just an idea that popped like that (and you can also send me suggestions for occasional random challenges too). This week, I want colors. I want you to create a project where various ELEMENTS will create a rainbow effect. You can have tons of buttons creating a rainbow sequence. You can use bits of ribbons. You can use scatters. You can use bits of papers. You can use brush strokes. It is not about showcasing an actual rainbow, or a rainbow gradient, but individual elements. Here are some examples. Paper pieces in the different colors of the rainbow. Brush strokes in the different colors of the rainbow. Colored effects on a photo How will you display all the colors of the rainbow with a series of individual elements/papers? (this challenge was actually presented in July 2022, but in the old forum, we have lost the images so you can resubmit the same ones if you want, or create a new one)
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