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  1. This is lovely, Michele, in its simplicity.
  2. Day 5 of Christmas Countdown: a chance to hear the song again! I needed that! It lifted my spirits.😍
  3. I think if I hear/see the phrase "Black Friday" this many weeks after the actual one, I will scream!
  4. Happy trails, Sue! You will be getting a break from the cold and winds of the prairies and using a brolly instead I think. Looking forward to the layouts to come from the trip.
  5. This seems to be a layout that is a hybrid between the November Word Challenge (Cold) and the December (Christmas) Challenge. Just playing with lots of elements and basing it on a layout I saw on Jessica Dunn's Curio Pantry site.
  6. Makes me feel warm & fuzzy that others have this going on too! I will swear it's a Wednesday, for example, and then realize it's Tuesday. Better to call 'em brain f@rts than senior moments.
  7. Here's what I came up with for COLD. A pic I took last winter or one before of a squirrel waiting for food. I can't help it; I feel sorry for them in bad weather and do the handouts for them and the birds year round. Costs a lot more than it used to! The background is a paper from somewhere, vector frames with bevel. (Might have used the photo here before?)
  8. I think I might try this one. I used to have one I really liked (can't recall name), but then started using builit-in Windows snipping tool, but it's limited for adding embellisments. Thanks for the tip. The Mac has a much better built-in screenshot captor, but I tend not to use it b/c I can't use PSP on it.
  9. Thanks for taking the plunge for us, Suzy. I used it a bit years ago for genealogy pages. Was OK but didn't continue with it. I can do that and so much more with PSP and Carole and the whole gang here.
  10. These are gorgeous. When I read all the tools/steps, my head starts to hurt! But you are the master at intricacy!
  11. Sorry, it was the best I could do! 🙃
  12. Usually you can use a home phone for two-factor authentication. They will send a recorded message with the code to your phone. Enter it and you're in!
  13. I don't know if that's the one I watched quite a while ago, but I had to stop when the cameras were filming one who was dying of thirst and heat under a scraggly tree. All I could think was, give him a drink for goodness' sake! And anything is better than what the Kardashians were filmed doing.
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