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  1. now I finished day 7, I used the mask I made in the last Maskworkshop. I made a pattern with 4 different colors - angel45, the background with gaussian blur. the brad and silhouettes are from Zookits made by CSSD and ljd at Gingerscraps
  2. day 6 , using a mask by Jessica Dunn and another mask by Rachel Martin font is Arnold Story, I made 2 Linoleumpapers and filled a selectionsborder with the darker one
  3. I love all the different projects around here, here I used brushes for the mask, kit Beautiful One by Conny Prince,
  4. now here is my day 4 , font is Arnold Story
  5. my day 3 fonts are Arnold Story and Handwriting
  6. Hi all , I`m in too I will go with photos from our Tierpark --Zoo here in Aachen I made over the years here is Day 1 and Day 2 the fonts are Ariston and Handwritten
  7. this is my day 6 template
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