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  1. here is my day 6, I am not so good in Journaling so I made a small selection und copied the text from Wikipedia I used the open book script, airbrush paper script and the curved photo script
  2. here I used the curved photo script , the airbrush paper script and the openbook to finish my day 6 project
  3. this time i bought lot of wonderful things not all used, Airbrushed Paper - PSP script Contact Sheet - PSP script Open book - PSP script Stack'n Cluster - PSP Script Color Paint - PSP Script Curved photo - PSP script Paint Splash - PSP Script Pop Art - PSP Script Split Photo - PSP Script Watercolor - PSP script Netting - PSP Picture Tubes Skyline 2 - Picture Tube Spiral Binding #1 - PSP Tubes Colored Pearls - PSP Picture tubes
  4. thank you for this font I found this also named Flora
  5. Wow love all your wonderful pages , with so different themes and pictures I am ready now with day 4 and 5
  6. finished day 2, used another shape, added a bevel and shadow, leaves are picture tubes, ricrac made with script papers with filters in 2unlimited
  7. thank you got it, was on work, working now on lesson 2,
  8. yes it is correct. why are your asking? you can replace that , with a . so it is not an active link
  9. @Cassel please can you sent me day 3 again, I deleted it with the postings from this forum but realized it too late, thank you [email protected],de
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