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  1. @Donna Sillia In the same vein, you might try Barbara Kingsolver's Demon Copperhead, which is also about Appalachia. It is quite inspiring and won the Pulitzer last year.
  2. My local library is a member of the Ramapo/Catskill Library System which has 50 participating libraries in the Hudson Valley. I've done Libby but get annoyed with the wait for an e-book! I can't understand why a download would be limited. I usually use Book Bub which markets low-priced e-books. The most expensive is around $5.00 or less. I saw Carole's softcover priced at $40 whereas the Kindle I bought was $9.99. There's usually a dramatic difference between paper and digital. My Kindle collection is running to nearly 1000 books and I'm so glad I don't have to shelve them at home! Most cost less than $5.00 each. I shop the bargain bins! '
  3. I have several novels going at the same time: the main one on my Kindle and then I also buy Chirp audiobooks for when I'm in the car and use the Kindle app on my iPhone when I need to wait for something away from home. The only thing I could never do was read while a passenger in the car - it makes me carsick!
  4. Rene, that sounds like the one Debbie has which is called the Kindle Paperwhite. I looked into it and it seemed quite expensive considering there were no "bells & whistles" such as color or an internet browser. She loves hers, also, mainly because it is small enough to tuck away. Personally, I'll stick with my Fire.
  5. I too use a Kindle Fire which is equivalent to an iPad in usefulness, at about 1/3 the price. My grandson, Tyler, got a new Kindle Fire and took it with him on vacation to Bali, Indonesia. He had a very long flight so he could use it to play video games and watch movies in full living color. The color resolution on a Kindle is awesome! I started reading Carole's new book yesterday on my Kindle, and the first thing I liked is the table of contents is interactive so I can jump around in the book just by touching the screen on the chapter/topic that I want to see. No scrolling necessary, and, in fact, with a Kindle, you don't scroll, you swipe left to turn a page. I also have the Kindle app on my iPhone and find it useful for reading in doctor's waiting rooms, etc., instead of lugging around the full Kindle. My Kindle is the 7-inch version which I find comfortable. My fingers are arthritic, and I have difficulty with larger books. Amazon has its own version of an app store and the link is there on the Kindle screen. It is android based, like the Samsung phones. Here is an illustration of mine in its VanGogh case, though mine is the green and pink cherry orchard design.
  6. It certainly is! It will be an ongoing thing, for sure!
  7. Mine was waiting for me when I got up this morning, Kindle and Coffee!
  8. Love it, Michele! I'm going to guess 1975? (What prize did I win?!?) 😉
  9. Thank you, Corrie. I had always wanted to go to college but didn't get there until we sold the drive-in theaters. The degree was for advertising and publishing which was my first love. I'm still working those skills with the marketing and advertising for the theater to this day.
  10. I reworked the Corel graduation freebie to show my graduation back in 2000 from SUNY. Art is from their website.
  11. Ann Seeber


    All projects not included in workshops, etc.
  12. Got distracted with Carole's new slipped-in freebie and had a nice new photo of Logan & Jonah so I worked this up using a Marisa Lerin kit called Wandering Road. The title is an alpha from Sheila Reid Alpha Mix. I had to create my own punctuation.
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