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  1. Ah, I used the new template, also. Here is grandson, Tyler-John (28), just back from his first Caribbean vacation in Costa Rica all by himself! (He says he hasn't had time to develop any romantic relationships yet. πŸ˜‰) I used the cass-datestamp9. The toucan bird is from a kit "Froot Loops." (Does he qualify for the Rainbow Challenge?) The background photo is from Alamy_MHKT6M.
  2. I am an only child, also, and only learned about my parents' previous marriages when I was 12 or so. My first question to them was "do I have any brothers or sisters"? My parents started late having children and none of their friends had any my age. I was so happy to go to school and find friends! My dad worked for the Erie Railroad. When I had my daughter, Debbie, I vowed she's not be an "only" and had Laurey 19 months later. πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά This layout is from Aug 2020. I used the kit: Lady Bug Hugs and the title font is Snap ITC.
  3. Wow! Beautiful layout, Bonnie! ❀️
  4. Susan, that's a good question and the answer is I don't know. Possibly one of my daughters has it or it may have been left behind at the house in Sussex County, NJ, where they grew up. Their father passed away in 1992 and their stepmother had a wood stove fire which ended up with the house condemned. Now you have me wondering so I'll make a point of asking. That etching was done just last year so maybe... Thanks for the memory boost!
  5. Thank you, Marie-Claire! You're not late, I celebrate all month anyway. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
  6. Here's my childhood toy, a wooden red sled built by my grandfather, Emil Hagquist, who emigrated here from Finland in the early 1900s. I was born the year WWII started and there were no commercial children's sleds to be found in the stores as all the manufacturing was devoted to the war effort. This is an etching created by my daughter, Debbie Lennox, who actually played with this sled. Note, there is no steering mechanism; you had to drag your toes to steer. πŸ˜‰
  7. Looking through them, I tried the one called Flag and was surprised to get a wavy rectangle which did look like a flag. Also, the Grayscale Border gave me a wide grayscale border around my image, similar to what was on my wedding layout for the Masks Workshop. You'd have to add a frame, also. There's really a lot there that I haven't tried yet.
  8. I'd appreciate a comprehensive guide to using scripts including the Corel ones that come with PSP.
  9. Michele, this is really clever. Is it for the Divas?
  10. Beautiful layout, Bina. I do wish I could read that language...
  11. Yeah, Slippers is wrong; the correct name is Teddy. And Kaleidoscope is the wrong answer for "What tool/command seems to be getting addictive to play with?" Maybe the correct one was "All of the above."
  12. I had to go back and find the Pop Quiz as I had missed it the first time around. I got You got 9/10 correct! I did get the cat's name correct but missed the one that asked about addictive techniques. I guessed Kaleidoscope but that was wrong. It doesn't tell me what the correct answer should be.
  13. Yeah, me, too. atm I'm feeding 3 feral "community" cats outside on my porch. I have an application in for the local shelter to come for Trap/Neuter/Release [TNR] which means they'll be back for me to feed. I put up a cat cabin on the porch for their shelter. Meanwhile, my indoor brats are jonesing after the ferals food which is different than theirs. I've tried them on the canned pate and all they do is get sick on it. The indoor crew hangs out by the open sliding glass door in good weather; which is their version of a "catio!"
  14. Thanks, Gerry. I now have the Powertoys and the highlighted (and animated) cursor!
  15. You remind me, #Susan Ewart. During the Vectors class you posted a photo of a cat with a waving tail with the label "I'm too sexy for my tail. I'm too sexy for my tail. Imagine that!" My question, is that your cat? If so, what's it's name? I was so impressed I printed it out and it's on my office wall... 😽
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