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  2. @Donna Sillia In the same vein, you might try Barbara Kingsolver's Demon Copperhead, which is also about Appalachia. It is quite inspiring and won the Pulitzer last year.
  3. I watched "Hillbilly Elegy" on Netflix. We are fortunate to have JD as a Senator in Ohio. He is extremely knowledgeable and articulate. His story is inspiring.
  4. I was thinking maybe 71 or 72 from the photo. It was a lot like mine and I graduated in 74.
  5. I have a scrapping friend on another forum that has a librarian husband. She mentioned in a thread about Kindles/ebooks that an ebook has a limited number of "uses" both for the number of people using it at one time and the overall number of times it can be used. Once it reaches its limit, it is taken out of circulation and usually replaced. I get the email newsletters from BookBub and BookGorilla daily. Some of those free books have gotten me interested in new to me authors. My favorite genre these days is cozy mysteries and I've found lots of good authors thru those newsletters. I also love authors that write series books and a lot of cozy mysteries are series. Win for me!
  6. Your progress through the Labs is inspiring to see. Love these cutouts.
  7. Love is in the Air. Pink title is Billgates with layer styles: Emboss; green title is Arial with 3D Effects: inner bevel; background paper I made from a tile I developed from a CF item that I worked with; the 2 flower items in the bottom corners are a watercolor from CF. The silhoutte I got from someplace several years ago and they are in a flower frame which was a Cassel freebie several years ago. The exploded hearts cutout was the requirement for Lab 12 Mod 9. I also did one of dolphins but haven't used it in a layout and I may practice this on some other cutouts later. Seashells didn't work so that is why the dolphins - i used layer styles on them - inner bevel.
  8. My local library is a member of the Ramapo/Catskill Library System which has 50 participating libraries in the Hudson Valley. I've done Libby but get annoyed with the wait for an e-book! I can't understand why a download would be limited. I usually use Book Bub which markets low-priced e-books. The most expensive is around $5.00 or less. I saw Carole's softcover priced at $40 whereas the Kindle I bought was $9.99. There's usually a dramatic difference between paper and digital. My Kindle collection is running to nearly 1000 books and I'm so glad I don't have to shelve them at home! Most cost less than $5.00 each. I shop the bargain bins! '
  9. It's great to come here and see all these amazing layouts and techniques. I love browsing through the threads and being inspired by everybody's work. I never get tired of it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corrie wrote: "Today I was at the optician's and after almost 5 month of eyedrops treatment my sight has improved and is no longer the 65% it was. It is a big relieve!" I am so happy to hear this, Corrie! 💟 ....................................................................................... Susan, I am like you, working on a layout to practice the tutorials from Lab11-Module 11, but it is so slow. It took forever to decide on a background paper. I tried creating a texture, but I wouldn't say I liked the result. Then, I went through all my kits, trying to find something suitable. I think I have it now, so now going to the tutorials. The only difference is that I haven't ordered my book yet; it will probably be only next month. I could have ordered the Kindle, but in this case, I'd rather have the paperback.
  10. I was thinking about my H.S. yearbook when I realized a former classmate had sent me a copy of our sixth grade graduation pic. I used a whole bunch of elements from DS/PS. The font is Sketchzone. Now you have to guess which one is me!
  11. Great layout. Wish I had my yearbook handy, but it's in storage.
  12. BTW, if you're a Prime member, you get a free book to download for your Kindle. There is usually a choice of about six different genres to pick from. Not bestsellers, but free is free. lol
  13. I agree that making a layout for a man is more challenging. You nailed it!
  14. I hope your husband enjoys the journey of documenting the history of his village as much as I have mine. The population of my village has declined, and there is very little left in terms of commerce, but it has great spirit, and the folks who still live there are proud of the heritage.
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  16. I've scrapped all of my school pics already but don't have a small version to post. But I do have these 2 layouts about one of the elementary schools in town. It was torn down in 2010 and they let people go through it before that happened. My dad and his companion happened to be in town that weekend so we went through it. It had memories for me as I attended the school. It had memories for Martha as well since she taught there. In fact, that was where she met my mom and how the 2 couples became friends all those years ago.
  17. I love the State of Ohio eBook Project. Thankfully, my small county library system is a member and I can download the books I want to read. I just put a book on hold... I'm #566 in line for a book that has 258 copies available. Guess everybody wants to read "Hillbilly Elegy"!
  18. I have a nephew who is turning 60! It's much harder to make a layout for a male! And he's colour-blind, so I kept it simple. I made most of it and I INTERLACED the ribbon, but forgot to add the shadow! Always something. The background texture & ribbon are from elsewhere.
  19. I love the Libby app. I also read while waiting for appointments. It makes the wait go so much faster.
  20. I occasionally buy ebooks. I prefer Kindle over iBooks, but my main source is Libby through which you can download loans from your library. In my area, there are three libraries that I have access for loans--Cleveland Public, Cuyahoga and the State of Ohio. Covid gave us easier access by letting you sign up for a card online. They also have magazines, videos and audio books. Libby is a free app, and you can also download Kindle books.
  21. I have several novels going at the same time: the main one on my Kindle and then I also buy Chirp audiobooks for when I'm in the car and use the Kindle app on my iPhone when I need to wait for something away from home. The only thing I could never do was read while a passenger in the car - it makes me carsick!
  22. Julie it is so nice to be able to document the history of your village and old photos are a big part of it and make it more "real" for those who read the stories. My husband has been doing this for the small village he grew up in. A village of about 600 people and there were 4 bakeries, a grocery store, 2 elementary schools, 2 churches, a butcher, a bus service and later a garage with a petrol station. Now there live ca 1200 people and there is nothing , not even a bus!
  23. There aren't many pix of me at any school, but I have lots of images of the village where I grew up b/c I research and write about it in history articles. Schools were so important in rural areas. Even the simplest and less fortunate families wanted their children to be better educated than they were. Our village got a beautiful new Continuation School (up to Grade 10) in 1909. It was a serious blow when that burned down in 1942, leaving teachers and pupils with no where to go. A new public school was built in less than two years, but the upper grades (to Grade 13) had to make do for SEVEN YEARS with classes in a rundown hotel. There are so many stories from those years! It was a major achievement by and for that village to get a district high school approved and opened in late 1949. It was equally heartbreaking when it was closed and then demolished. No more high school there since then. Students are bused to other area secondary schools.
  24. I got tall around age 12, grew some more, and almost made it to 6', but not quite. I think now I am going the other way? And, it IS long ago!
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