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  2. H = Hamentashen ~ delicious cookies made primarily during the Jewish holiday of Purim. My favorite is apricot!
  3. I love Fig Newtons, Bonnie! G = Grasshopper Pie
  4. I love eclairs, Emerald! F = Fig Newtons
  5. Yesterday
  6. D = Dame Blanche - comes from Belgium and the Netherlands and is a mix of vanilla ice creamand whipped cream over which you pour warm chocolate sauce; it's a classic dessert over here, but I must admit I haven't had it in quite a while. When I was a child every year we went to dinner with my grandparents on their wedding anniversary and we always had Dame Blanche.
  7. This reminds me - I came home from a restaurant with a doggie bag which included some "Gorgonzola cream." It was topping for an appetizer of grilled Portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, chopped tomato and large-leaf spinach. So the leftovers are now finished but not the "cream." What can I use it on, other than the same dish I now have had twice! lol
  8. C = Cream in all its different types and forms
  9. B = Baklava - Baklava is a delicious Greek dessert made up of layers of crispy phyllo dough, honey and nuts.
  10. As the name was unfamiliar to this 'merican, I hunted up some info. Reminds me of the ice cream cake roll I used to love as a child: vanilla ice cream with chocolate sponge cake wrap. Here's the illustration for the Arctic Roll from Getty Images.
  11. Arctic Roll. A British favourite. I still make them.
  12. Z - Zabaglione Zabaglione is a rich Italian dessert made with eggs, sugar, and Marsala wine. It’s a simple custard to prepare and tastes divine with fresh berries!
  13. X = Xavier Cake (a rare and not widely known dessert) A French dessert
  14. V = Viennetta ice cream cake ~ yummy
  15. I love Hummingbird cake, but would never attempt to make it.
  16. U = ugly pie "The Ugly pie tastes anything but ugly. The mixture of granny smith apples, raisins, chopped walnuts, and molasses mixes in this classic pie recipe. The mixture is inside a pie crust and topped with a crumb topping of butter, flour, and brown sugar. "
  17. Last week
  18. Sharla what a great shot and so colorful with those little cherry blossoms to set of the color of that finch.
  19. Marie-Claire, we do have miserable weather, but at least we got 1 day of sunshine last week although in the evening it started to rain again. I'm fairly close to the Belgium border and we often get the same weather as you are. The Belgium forecast is more accurate then the Dutch one for where we live.
  20. Unfortunately there is not much to photograph, at least not outside because, just like Corrie in the Netherlands, we still have gray and rainy weather in Belgium. Not nice to go outside at all.
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