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  2. It was! I wanted it to not be too noticeable, but I guess it is with the blur!
  3. Interestingly, it looks like the blurred photo was done intentionally!!
  4. After going through my stash of photos, I realize I could do this challenge for weeks with all the uninteresting or bad pix I have! But it's a great way to use a boring photo. I made the "hola" text using individual images for each letter for the first time! That was fun. (Some edges on frames still a bit ragged....oops!)
  5. That's a great layout for the pier! And that pier is over a mile long! Wow
  6. I will try to...tomorrow. Thanks for advice:))))
  7. Today
  8. Fun project! I had trouble right at the end - my quote didn't save until I converted that layer to a Raster. Is that normal? And at the top of my window, my "File" Menu disappeared from the toolbar! I haven't figured out how to get that Menu back! Thank goodness for the icons on the toolbar to help me out with saving and opening files. Any thoughts on solving this menu issue? Key take-aways from this class: Drop Shadows! Adding more layers (than I was used to) and finding sources for papers and elements. Eraser tool to create a "pinking shear" edge! Using patterns in place of solid colors. Developing my own patterns, too. Great class - now I'm kicking myself for taking so long to sign up for a class! So much easier to watch how it's done and then recreate it, than figuring it out on my own through LOTS of trial and error! Thank you!
  9. here is one of my photos and my selected workspace in paintshop 2023. I'm way behind in these because my life is hectic!!!
  10. Could you try to add a solid blue layer on top of your background, and lower the opacity? That would still be blue, but it will create a separation between the background and the decorative elements.
  11. horse statue on the loess hills one image i plan to use
  12. Project5corrected. My pic is too blue. But I like its blue;)
  13. Cassel


  14. You are NOT a pain in the you know where!!! We love to see your projects and how you use various supplies, even my freebies! Be careful NOT to change the proportions as it distorts the elements! If needed, you better just crop the image behind.
  15. @Steve KovacsDid you add a shadow on the project 5 text? It is hard to say in the resized version, but remember that text typically has no thickness so it does not need a shadow. But it might also just be an illusion due to the resizing. For your idea of merging layers to move them, sometimes, it is enough to LINK them, since merged layers cannot be unmerged later! @Linda J WalkerRounded corners are automatically created when expanding a selection or using the Select Selection Border with the Outside or Both option checked. @Gerry LandrethInteresting tidbit of information. I heard that somewhere, a big object (maybe not a rocket) was to be moved through a town and to accommodate the space needed, they cut down hundred-year old trees on both sides of the road. At least, for power lines, they can "easily" be replaced! @TonimarieGreat work. I am glad you enjoyed the bootcamp. @Anja PelzerI think that using a part of the image as a fill for your title is a great idea. I would suggest to make the title even larger to accommodate such a busy pattern, otherwise, it is a little harder to read. You have plenty of room to make it larger. @Leslie JostesI feel your frustration about not finding exactly what you want. In fact, that is the whole reason behind the membership where there are hundreds of tutorials to show you how to make your own supplies OR to convert existing supplies to suit what you want. A lot of members started just like you and now, they can create perfectly matching elements and papers. As for your question about "tubes", they are unique features of PaintShop Pro. Here are a couple of articles about them: Picture tubes in PSP and What can you do with Picture Tubes. That might answer at least some questions. Don't hesitate to ask if it is not clear enough. @GabrielaSuch a fun layout for a cute photo. Well done. @Thomas WillisThanks for the cuddos. The issue you are experiencing with the text "disappearing" is due to the fact that the wrapped text stays inside the "selection", yet once the selection is deselected, it has to stay in the program/image memory. The text does not really disappear, but is now outside of the smaller image. To test that, resize back to 3600 pixels (yes it will possibly be pixellated but just to illustrate). The text should still be where it was. I wrote an article about the Text Wrapping feature and at the end, I mention this issue. It should explain it. And as mentioned by others, it might be simpler to resize a jpg version of the full-size project OR to rasterize one copy of the text as the rasters won't be affected by that oddity. @Mary SolaasI don't know if you added a texture to the title but it almost looks like embroidery. Is that just a trick on my eyes? @kasanyNice photo to showcase. I think that the background paper would let the details show up more if it was solid OR even very blurred as it is hard to distinguish what is the background and what is a little square with a cloud since they are so similar in colors. I think you forgot some shadows on the elements (other than the title and the squares). Is that possible? @Susan EwartThe compression will only be set when saving in jpg. In recent versions of PSP, you can adjust that right in the Save as... dialog window. I think it is the same as using the Optimizer. Back a few versions, the Optimizer was the only way to adjust the compression to control the file size. Not anymore. For those who have not yet finished, don't worry, you still have a couple of days to post 4 out of 5 projects to be entered into the random draw, on Monday night.
  16. Hi all, I know I'm getting a pain in the you know where, but this one is just for Cassel thanks for the window and garland, hope you like what I did with them
  17. I'll have to look into it more, I'm interested in the control over compression. I have the optimizers on the toolbar too with the Open as a New Layer-rename. Lately I've been dragging my supplies into PSP from my supplies folder. I now have two monitors (as my husband works from home and needs two) so I can do it that way. I will bind the guides script too.
  18. I think I heard that, too, that the optimizer is better at stabilizing the text. It certainly gives you more control over compression. I created shortcuts on my toolbar for both optimizers, .jpg and .png. Very handy. They're right next to Cassel's new Guides script and Open as a New Layer-Rename. Really speeds things up a bit.
  19. Thank you so much for your help! Your suggestions will give me a base to work with, at the very least. And it's actually a very nice soft appearance without the sharp corners and will definitely have its uses! Thanks again.
  20. This month's almost out time to think about Feb which marks the depth of winter. This little piece is Lab 6 08 had some problems getting the push brush size to fit the length of the ribbon a bit of trial and error with that. Yes I remembered the shadows this time 😄
  21. Colin Hooson

    Colin Hooson

    My odd's and sod's
  22. I think that's a good idea. And it's doesnt take much space to duplicate and keep the vector(and hide it) in case you need to edit it later. Saves a step I'm doing by closing and opening again to resize. Did we read somewhere that using the jpg optimizer didnt have that problem. I cant remember. I dont use the optimizer, even having it explained to me I still dont see the difference in just using Save As, isnt it still the same amount of clicks. Maybe I'm missing something.
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