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  1. I created this for the song challenge but thought I would post it here also. John Denver Sunshine on my shoulder. The picture in the center is one I created from a screenshot from the Explore Audubon Boat House Osprey Nest Mother and two chicks.
  2. John Denver Sunshine on my shoulder. The picture in the center is one I created from a screenshot from the Explore Audubon Boat House Osprey Nest Mother and two chicks.
  3. Playing around and having fun with my PSP is what I do most of the time. What a cutie.
  4. Besides working in the yard mowing grass etc. Mostly I get out and take pictures like this one from my neighbor's yard after the 5" rain we had last night.
  5. I am not surprised to see your Betta fish. Do you still have one? I had one well a few different ones in one of the two gallon tanks. I did not have a lot of luck with them because I could not find a way to heat the small tank and I keep my house pretty cool in the winter. I finally gave up on it because I didn't want to kill any more Bettas.
  6. M = Medication for ich treatment etc.
  7. I thought this was a cute font. It is a freebie from Creative Fabrica today (Cute-Cloud-71533108) the cloudy sky background is mine.
  8. These are screenshots from an Audubon Osprey cam. The background I duplicated and blurred the top one and then erased the part over the Osprey.(I could have done a better job of that) I then used the same circle to cut out the head shots from other screenshots so they would all be the same size and placed them all over the place. Font for name is French Script MT.
  9. G = Gravel for the bottom of the home aquarium.
  10. It looks like the lion is getting a foot TICKLE to me. Another great calendar page as usual. I love seeing them each month.
  11. I got to playing with the USA States shared by Daniel Hess. I did a bunch of stuff to it including adding Hawaii and Alaska at the bottom and then put it on top of an American flag. Then I got it into my head to create a July 4 celebration using it. The background paper is from Creative Fabrica The text is Microsoft Himalaya from who knows where.
  12. After seeing Rene's comment and photo I went back to some picks I took last year and created this one
  13. That is a nice one, I bet you did a little Happy Dance when you came out and saw that moon just begging to be photographed. I added another pic after seeing this.
  14. Here is a picture of my Foxy girl. My desk chair is about 12" from that harry tail. I happened to have my camera on my desk and for once she didn't move before I got the picture. This is one of her favorite spots when I am playing on my Computer. (the harry beast comment is because she sheds like crazy all the time LOL)
  15. Thank You. I live in town and there are street lights etc. in fact there is one not thirty feet east of my porch where I took the picks from. Luckily the moon was pretty much due south of my house and there is a tree just west of that light that cuts down on the glare. I just got lucky with the direction and height of the moon that night, and a beautiful clear not hazy evening. Well actually about 1AM,
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