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  1. Thank you, Janette. 🙂 I am hopeful I'll finish it this year 🤞... It takes more time to find the right photo than creating the page. I'll have it printed in a print shop, as always, and it will look like the photo below so my mother-in-law can hang it on the wall as she prefers.
  2. Me neither... I finished the month of May... Still, a lot to do.
  3. I mentioned it before, Sue... You are also the master of Word Art... Beautiful!
  4. Great calendar, Ann... I am sure your granddaughter will love it...Even more, knowing that Grandma did it,
  5. Wow, Carole, those pages are beautiful! I love the "out of bounds" technique, which made the project unique. The journaling is so creative! I love it.
  6. Mary, you have created a beautiful memory of this trip.
  7. Rene, I am sending you my best wishes. 🙏
  8. I purchased the Custom Calendar script, and I can see it will speed up their creation... I think it is genius, and I am curious to see how it is coded. 😉 😄 This morning, I was happy to see that the YouTube video was uploaded: Custom Calendar I know it takes time (there are hundreds of scripts!), but having a video explaining how it works is very helpful.
  9. Here is May. Wordart by Scrapping with Liz: SwL_HappyMothersDay This time, it was about trying new ways of doing this, as the first one I participated in was in 2017... A long time ago. And seeing the pages posted here inspired me for next year's calendar 🙂
  10. Ann, I also love to see your Wild Life calendar pages. You showcased so well those beautiful animals.
  11. Sue, I haven't yet had a problem with that, but the maximum number of pages I post in a comment is 2. What I do is after clicking "choose files," I choose one page, and after this is uploaded, I choose the other.
  12. Well, it didn't take long to convert me ... 😄
  13. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, Jannette... Sending my best wishes to you.
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