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  1. I've got my baby book as well. Not quite as old as yours though!
  2. From their website: BookBub is a free service that helps you discover books you'll love through unbeatable deals, handpicked recommendations, and updates from your favorite authors. BookBub doesn't actually sell books. I get their email newsletter and it has books listed on it that are free or low cost but I have to click on a link to actually get to the book (usually on Amazon) to buy it. You can set up the email to only send recommendations for the books you are interested in. The newsletter is free as is signing up for an account. Bookbub.com
  3. I don't have Netflix so never saw it. I agree we are fortunate and I was torn about whether he should be the VP pick or not. I live about 90 minutes from the town he grew up in.
  4. I was thinking maybe 71 or 72 from the photo. It was a lot like mine and I graduated in 74.
  5. I have a scrapping friend on another forum that has a librarian husband. She mentioned in a thread about Kindles/ebooks that an ebook has a limited number of "uses" both for the number of people using it at one time and the overall number of times it can be used. Once it reaches its limit, it is taken out of circulation and usually replaced. I get the email newsletters from BookBub and BookGorilla daily. Some of those free books have gotten me interested in new to me authors. My favorite genre these days is cozy mysteries and I've found lots of good authors thru those newsletters. I also love authors that write series books and a lot of cozy mysteries are series. Win for me!
  6. I've scrapped all of my school pics already but don't have a small version to post. But I do have these 2 layouts about one of the elementary schools in town. It was torn down in 2010 and they let people go through it before that happened. My dad and his companion happened to be in town that weekend so we went through it. It had memories for me as I attended the school. It had memories for Martha as well since she taught there. In fact, that was where she met my mom and how the 2 couples became friends all those years ago.
  7. I love the State of Ohio eBook Project. Thankfully, my small county library system is a member and I can download the books I want to read. I just put a book on hold... I'm #566 in line for a book that has 258 copies available. Guess everybody wants to read "Hillbilly Elegy"!
  8. It is not a Paperwhite. It is just called "Kindle" and cheaper than a Paperwhite. It is the latest model that came out last year. I have never used my Kindle for internet, even my Fire. I have always turned the wi-fi connection off when I'm at home and only turn it on when I need to download library books or new purchases. 2022 Black Kindle with 6'' High Resolution Display | Amazon Edit to add that the color of the Fire (even the supposed setting to make it more like a book) was tiring my eyes out. This new one does not do that.
  9. I've always loved to read and at one time I got a monthly delivery of hard back books from The Literary Guild. This would have been maybe 40 years ago! I still have most of them. I read a lot back then... no computer to divert my attention! These days I go in spurts with my reading. I got my first Kindle 13 years ago. It was the Touch that was just for reading. I later got an 8" Kindle Fire. I liked it but found it to be heavy. Then I got a 10" Kindle Fire that I used for 7 years. Last year when I was going to so many appointments and then the hospitalizations, I got my newest Kindle. It has a 6" screen and weighs 6 oz. It is small and light with a long battery life. Since it isn't color, the pages look more like books. More so than the adjustments you can make on a Fire. I will read on the Fire at home but take the smaller one when I go places. It fits better in my purse. I have trouble holding regular books so the Kindle works so much better for me. I use a Pillow Pad ("As Seen On TV") to hold my Kindle. Books don't work on it because of turning pages! I do also have a tablet with the Kindle app on it. The tablet is used for games but more importantly it is what I use in case of power outages during tornado warnings. My phone screen is too small for me to read anything on the internet. I will take my tablet on my bus trip this fall so I have access to my email that week. Then if I want to play games or read in the downtime during the bus ride I can.
  10. You can read it on your PC as well with the Kindle app. I actually have the Kindle app on my PC and my Galaxy tablet along with 2 working Kindles. I can read any of my books on any of them that I want.
  11. I've never heard about the constant screenshots on Win 11. As far as I can see, the user has to initiate the screen shot. I don't use the snipping tool to do screen shots anyways. I've never even used the snipping tool! As for the video doorbells, I just googled that case and apparently it was stuff that happened over 5 years ago and the customers with certain devices will be getting refunds. I have cameras from that company that I got 3 years ago and just to log into the cameras I have to go through 2FA every 30 days.
  12. I couldn't sign onto my Win 10 computer unless I had a Microsoft account.
  13. I actually used the names of the 2 daughters of my cousin instead of the daughter and granddaughter. For years it was Allison and Ashley... now it is harder to remember Allison and Caroline! Because usually it is Luke and Caroline in the layouts (Allison's 2 kids)! And, Caroline is that age where she is looking so much like her Mom and Aunt Ashley since she is now a teenager.
  14. I wondered about that! Don't feel bad, today I was downloading photos from my cousins FB account and for a certain event, I didn't want to download the photos I had already scrapped. So I was looking at the layouts I had already done and realized that I had the wrong name in the journaling! Thankfully, that layout hasn't been printed in a book for them yet but I had already printed my copy. I changed it and will get it reprinted for me.
  15. Pssttttttt..... I have a template for Canada with the individual provinces on it. It is still available at The Lily Pad. The designer also did one for the US and I used it for a layout I did in April documenting every state I have visited in the first 68 years of my life. Since I can now start working on my travel dreams, I will continue to fill it in the next few years.
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