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Remember when…? – Pay Day

When i was a kid, my Mom used to work at a car dealer. She was the one in charge of inventory, and obviously, back then, there wasn't any computerized system to keep track of all the parts in stock, those selling, and those possibly ending on the floor. Everything was done on hand written cards. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of work. It was.

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Remember when…? – Book

If you have been following this series, you might remember that we moved when i was in grade 6. Back in that time, the most common day for moving was May 1st, as leases were always from May to April. I don't know what was the reasoning behind having that date as a general day for moving but it always caused issues, especially for families with kids in school: we had to change school and environment for only 2 months!

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Remember when…? – Cheating on the bus

OK, i have to admit, i have not always been the perfect angel when i was a kid. But i am sure i am not the only one, right? We have all done a few things that were ... let's say ... not the most honest ones, even though they had little consequences in the end. That is what i did when i was taking the bus in Montreal.

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Remember when…? – Pencil Case

My kids are now grown up, but when they were still in school, i would get a list of school supplies to get before the start of the new year. It includes everything from binders, to pencils, to some elements that were a bit more specific for that particular grade. So often, kids were expecting to get "new" supplies every September, while many of those, from the previous school year were perfectly fine.

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Remember when…? – Grammar

Whatever the language you are studying in, chances are that you had some classes on grammar. I was raised in Montreal, in a francophone family, so obviously i learned French grammar. For having seen English speaking people learn French as a second language, i know that grammar is one hard part of French (in English, it is just the spelling that can be a nightmare!).

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