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Remember when…? – Church

A while ago, I shared the story of when i didn't understand why my dad was married since he didn't have a wedding dress. The lesson from this story being "answer only what a child asks, nothing more" always stuck into my mind. Many years later, something similar happened to me with my own daughter, and interestingly, on a similar topic too.

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Remember when…? – Toffee

Losing your first tooth might be something that you will remember forever. It is one of those “firsts” that usually stand out as a rite of passage, so to speak. It is often sign that you are growing up (as if you weren’t growing up until that point!). However, do you remember when or where you lost your second or third tooth? Probably less than the first one.

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Remember when…? – Married

Kids can perceive the world of adults in a very special way. You read about how my daughter, when she was four, mixed up two “stories” to make one that was logical in her mind, but totally hilarious for us, adults. I think that the age of four must be that time when kids learn more, but also interpret more. This story is about me, when i was also four. This story was told over and over by my mom so there is no way i can forget!

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