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Just like many little girls, back in the days, i was looking forward to learn to cook, and mostly to bake. Of course, baking cookies, or a cake was a dream for me. That is, until i got my own "oven": the famous "Easy Bake" oven.

Baking with a light bulb

I was quite intrigued when i saw my Mom place two bulbs in my new oven. Sure, i wanted to see my cake rise, but how it is going to cook? I was 7 when i got that oven for my birthday and at that time, i didn't realize that the heat from the light bulbs could be enough to bake something (i knew it was hot to the touch, but to heat something?)

A few mixes

The oven came with a few mixes for cake and icing, cookies and brownies. Each mix was good enough for one 4 inch cake, or a dozen 1 inch cookies or maybe 3 normal size cookies. They were tiny mixes and it didn't take long for me to go through them, as you can imagine.

Birthday cake

A couple of weeks after getting this oven, it was my Mom's birthday, so guess who baked the birthday cake? Yes, it was me, with my new skills and equipment. I remember my Dad helping me decorate the cake and put little candies to shape the number 31 for my Mom's 31st birthday.

Upgrading to the oven

I am not sure how long i used this oven, but i know i had it until we moved, at age 10. During the move the oven was given away to a cousin, i was told, but it was ok because i had already graduated to using the real kitchen oven for baking cakes and cookies, using larger box mixes from Betty Crocker.

EasyBake-300This is it

This is the actual model of oven i got, although different, more modern versions have come afterward. I remember that aqua color! I found out, with some quick research, that this model was created in 1963.

Did you ever get a toy oven to bake? Or did you start cooking and baking right from the real thing? Share your story in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Remember when…? – Baking”

  1. I remember when I was very young I wanted to cook. My very first dish was yellow Jello. I was allowed to do every part, except pouring the boiling water. I was about 4.

    When the Easy Bake ovens first came out, I wanted one so bad!! I was about 10, so I had helped in the kitchen a lot, but it was NEW, and I wanted one. My Mom took me to the store, and we looked at one for a long time. She pointed out the tiny size of the cake pan, and made me figure out how big the pieces of cake would be for 6 people. We then went and got a good cake mix, and I made a real cake, all alone, even using the big mixmaster.

    I still love to bake!

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