Remember when…? – Fudge

I have a sweet tooth, i admit. I always had it. Although my Mom was never super interested in cooking, she had a few of my favorite dishes, especially in the dessert category. 

I love fudge

My Mom used to make great fudge. Not the chocolate kind but the one with brown sugar. She made it moist, melting in your mouth. If she didn't prevent me from doing so, i would eat the whole recipe!

What is that?

One day, as she did her famous fudge, i was allowed to start eating it, but i ended up with a little piece of something in my mouth. Assuming it was possibly just something that didn't dissolve properly, i didn't say anything. But a few pieces later, the same thing happened. This time, i felt the piece was a bit bigger so i carefully got it out of my mouth and showed to my Mom.

I know!

As she looked at this beige colored "object" she also wondered what it was. Suddenly, she got an idea. She went to the sink to check the wooden spoon she had used to stir the fudge. Sure enough, there was a significant piece missing. So it seemed that the recipe was full of... splinters from the wooden spoon. Needless to say that the whole batch ended up in the garbage! What a waste!

Did you ever drop something in a recipe or seen or heard of someone doing so? That would be quite a surprise to find something totally unexpected. Share your story in the comments below. Let's have a little fun and smile!

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