Remember when…? – Pie

Some kids would eat anything while onn the other hand, some kids will not eat what we want them to eat. I know that, as i have kids that fall in those two categories. Personally, i was a picky eating kid, and i grew up as a picky eater too. Oh well!

Eat that apple pie

I don't remember when i became a picky eater but i know that my mom tried very hard to get me to eat things i just didn't like. Many food would make me just gag, so i would not eat it. One day, at dinner, we had apple pie for dessert. I was given one tiny piece to eat. I would not touch it. It probably was not the first time it happened as my mom said that i would not be allowed to eat anything else. I didn't eat it. She put it in the fridge saying that the next day, i would not be allowed to eat anything else but that pie, and i would not be allowed to go play outside either.

Memory (conveniently) forgets

I am sure my mom never intended to starve me. She probably thought that it would be a motivation enough for me to eat that pie, but that was not the case. In the morning, i got up, she made me breakfast and allowed me to go play outside, apparently "forgetting" about the pie (i doubt she really forgot). She brought it back out at dinner and i still refused to touch it. I don't know how long it was until she gave up on asking me to eat that pie but i know i didn't eat it!

I know, I know

I know that a lot of people LOVE apple pie, or love all the things i can't eat. My mom always told me "You'll see, when you get married, and have kids, you won't be picky anymore". Well, i got married, i have 3 grown kids and i am still just as picky. Sure, sometimes i wish i was not because it is kind of annoying (and sometimes embarrassing), but that is the way it is. I lived over half a century with picky habits. I doubt i will change in the near future!

Do you have some picky habits? Do you know someone with picky eating habits? Did that ever bring up some odd or funny situations? Share them in the comments below. You probably can't be a pickier eater than i am!

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