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Things have obviously changed over time, and one of those things is everyone's job description. Now, because of unions and job descriptions, i know that i can't hammer a nail to hang anything in my office because i have to ask the maintenance staff; it is THEIR job, not mine. But 40-50 years ago, that didn't seem to be a problem, and the students, at the end of the year, would do the janitor's job!

Last day of school

Now, the last day of school is often a half day, filled with non-educational activities, a little like a final relaxed time. But when i was in elementary school, the last day was different (even it was still fun). On that last day, each student had to get to work with a bucket, a sponge and some soap.

Washing away

Each student was now well equipped to ... wash their desk. Of course that also mean removing any chewing gum that might have accumulated, scrub for any pencil mark, and wash anything that might have spilled inside the desk.

Saving work

Although now, this would be considered a janitor's job and the teachers (and principals) would be reprimanded for making the students do a unionized worker's job, i am sure the janitors, back then, appreciated the fact that they had less work to do. Imagine that the school might have had 15 to 20 classrooms with 30 to 35 desks in each. That is quite a workload!

How about you? Did you do something special or different on the last day of school? Share your story in the comments below.

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