Remember when…? – Pen and paper

In the last decade or so, we have seen an explosion of technology and this has changed how children play. The old toys and activities have been replaced by monitors and controlers. Social play seemed to have faded away for smart phones, and sedentary activities. But looking back, it is amazing how little we needed to keep ourselves entertained!

At grandma

Every Saturday night, at 7pm, we would leave home and go to grandma. It was a ritual and we rarely missed a week. Maybe it helped that she had a color tv and my dad could watch his favorite hockey game (at least in the winter).

A room full of toys and games

Over the years, grandma had bought or acquired various toys and games for all ages. She had 13 grandchildren with an age span of about 15 years so there was everything you could need: cars, dolls, blocks, board games, balls, hoops, and an array of coloring books and crayons.

Not needed

Although i do remember going to pick some games or toys from that "toy room", i also remember going straight to her "miscellaneous drawer" in the kitchen. You could find lots of small items in that drawer (scissors, scotch tape, strings, etc.) but best of all, she had pens and paper. Yes, just that: pens (and pencils) and paper. I would spend hours drawing, doodling, writing, playing guessing games or word games with my cousins, or maybe keeping scores for other games. Yes, we kept ourselves busy, entertained and out of trouble with just pens and paper. How often do you see that nowadays?

When you were kids, what were the simplest items you would need to keep busy and happy? How does that compare with modern gadgets that kids have access to? Share in the comments below. It will be a fun trip down memory lane!

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