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Remember when…? – Washing

Things have obviously changed over time, and one of those things is everyone's job description. Now, because of unions and job descriptions, i know that i can't hammer a nail to hang anything in my office because i have to ask the maintenance staff; it is THEIR job, not mine. But 40-50 years ago, that didn't seem to be a problem, and the students, at the end of the year, would do the janitor's job!

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Remember when…? – Pen and paper

In the last decade or so, we have seen an explosion of technology and this has changed how children play. The old toys and activities have been replaced by monitors and controlers. Social play seemed to have faded away for smart phones, and sedentary activities. But looking back, it is amazing how little we needed to keep ourselves entertained!

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Remember when…? – Phone

With the common use of call display on many modern phones, we have the option of answering or not answering since can often know who is the caller. Back in the days, this was not as easy and either one would answer a call from someone they really didn't want to answer, or they would ignore a call from someone they really wanted to talk to. But my parents had a trick for that!

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