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Whether we use our PaintShop Pro for scrapbooking, greeting cards, or other graphic projects, we are always looking for new resources. This week, I found one interesting site that offers a wide range of supplies you can use for all those projects.

What is

It is a site that includes generic non-program-specific resources of all kinds. This site has been around since 2015. That has given them time to build a nice and rich library of resources.  You can find them at

What do they offer?

The site includes a lot of different types of resources that you can use in PaintShop Pro or any other program. You can find textures, PNG images, fonts, brushes, and more. You can find some unique vector elements but they are mostly EPS and SVG format. If you can convert the EPS files to WMF, you will be able to maintain their vector properties in PaintShop Pro. Otherwise, they will be flattened when you open them in PaintShop Pro.

How do I download supplies?

Once you select one category, on the top menu, or search for a specific keyword, it will give you a series of results for you to browse through. Let's look for "Watercolor brushes". Here is the first result I got:

By simply clicking on the image itself, I will get to a page with the individual elements that I can download:

I just have to click on the Download link and save it to my computer.

Most elements on this site can be downloaded individually. You won't have to download a whole pack of 12 large images if you only need one. One exception I found is the Vectors. They come in a zip format so you get several elements at once.

What about the fonts?

Although there is one category listed for "Fonts", they are mostly alphabets. Some are vectors, others are PNG files. Only a handful are actually fonts that you can open and use in PaintShop Pro. You can find them on this page. They are pretty cool.

The other "Fonts" are very interesting and even if you are not a "font-oholic", you might find some that would match your projects. Check this confetti alphabet. That would be great for any party themed project (scrapbooking or greeting cards).


How much do they cost?

Everything on this site is free. I guess that is why we have to accept the many ads and popups. Unlike other sites, they don't even have a paid option to get rid of the ads.

What about the Terms of Use?

This site is very generous and all the resources can be used for personal and commercial use. I can certainly think of many projects when I needed some extra supplies (yes, I still look for resources!). They don't require credits or attributions when you use those resources (although it would be nice if you do). The only limitation I found is that you cannot resell or re-distribute those supplies. That just makes sense, don't you think?


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