Featured Resource – Envato

If you do graphic work for yourself and your family, you likely don't have to worry about choosing CU supplies (Commercial Use). You can find a lot of free resources around, whether you are scrapbooking, or creating other digital projects. However, you might be looking for other resources for a website, a video, or others. That is when you need some good quality paid supplies.

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From single page template to double page template

When creating a scrapbook page, we might start with one, and realize that we have more photos or more of the story to tell. That is when we would like to turn that single page into a double page. And if we plan a whole album, maybe we would like to start with double templates from the beginning. However, double-page templates are much less common than single-page. That is when we might need a little bit of work to create our own. But it is easier than you think using these five tips.

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Featured Resources – Pixabay

When looking for some stock images, it is tempting to just do a Google search and look through all those beautiful images that might come up. However, it is important to remember that every image belongs to someone, and the simple fact that it is uploaded to the internet does not mean it is available for your use. Let's look at another resource for you to search... safely.

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Scrapbooking with big or small photos?

If you look in galleries, you might seek a variety of sizes used for the photos in layouts. Some of them will have huge photos used as a background, some will have photos taking half the space of the layout while others will have tiny photos barely visible. What is the purpose of those different sizes?

Although scrapbooking is perceived as an artistic memory keeping, some scrapbookers just want to create art and the photos are not the focus of their project. The importance of the photos and the memories might, in some cases, determine their sizes in a layout. However, other factors can determine whether the artist will use a large or small photo.

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