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If you do graphic work for yourself and your family, you likely don't have to worry about choosing CU supplies (Commercial Use). You can find a lot of free resources around, whether you are scrapbooking, or creating other digital projects. However, you might be looking for other resources for a website, a video, or others. That is when you need some good quality paid supplies.

Envato market

The Envato Market includes a variety of resources of different types. You can find photos, soundtracks, video clips, graphic resources like mockups, and icons. And if you are into website design or management, you can find WordPress themes, plugins, mobile app templates, and more. The Market is divided into sections:

Photodune - This section is full of photos of all kinds. You can buy the rights to those photos for about $5 per photo.

Graphic River - This is where you can find various graphic resources like vectors, icons, and templates for brochures and stationery.

VideoHive - If you are looking for some stock video footage, this is the section for you.

AudioJungle - Whether you are looking for sound effects, soundtracks, or background music for your video, this is where you will find it.

Theme forest - This section includes website themes and templates for different platforms like WordPress, Elementor, Shopify, HTML code, and more.

CodeCanyon - If you are programming or working on a website, this section offers a lot of fantastic resources.

Free resources

Every month, Envato offers a free product in several of the above categories. If you go to this link, and scroll to the bottom, you will see five or six items that you can download freely. Here is what you can get for October 2023:

Of course, when you read this article later, the freebies will be different. That means that you can come back, every month and build your own little library of resources in the categories that interest you.

Unlimited resources

All the resources mentioned in the Envato Market are paid products. You pay once and you can use it over and over again. So you can just purchase a handful of resources without breaking the bank. If you work professionally or need commercial licenses to use some resources, this is the perfect site for you. But if you need lots of those resources, the cost can start to add up. If that is your situation, you would then need access to unlimited downloads. Envato has a separate section that includes millions of photos, soundtracks, stock video footage, and codes. That is Envato Element.

Unlike the Envato Market above, this is a monthly or annual payment and it allows you to download unlimited resources from their section. Interestingly, not all the resources in the Envato Market are available in the Envato Elements. They are different.

What did I use?

I have gathered and purchased resources from both of those sites for the last 10 years. For example, the popups you are getting when scrolling down a themed blog post to get freebies are from Green Popups.  The intro video for TheLab uses this animated graphic.

And I have also used some photos to extract elements for freebies or picture tubes.

Of course, if your main interest is in digital scrapbooking, you can easily rely on the free resources listed on this site, but if you need something more, Envato can be a valuable asset for you.

This article contains affiliate links and if you use them to make a purchase, I get a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Cassel, whenever I try to download your freebies and attempt to login, your sight tells me that my password is not recognized. This only happens when I am trying to get a copy of the freebie you are offering in your postings. For instance, I can’t seem to be able to download the slatted template you featured in a blog posting this week.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you, Judy Robertson

    • Hi Judy. The reason is simple: the store, the store blog, and the Campus are DIFFERENT platforms so you cannot use the same login automatically. You have to create a login separately (you can use the same password if you want but they are not connected). As I checked on the store blog (for that slatted template), you have not created your account there yet.

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