From single page template to double page template

When creating a scrapbook page, we might start with one, and realize that we have more photos or more of the story to tell. That is when we would like to turn that single page into a double page. And if we plan a whole album, maybe we would like to start with double templates from the beginning. However, double-page templates are much less common than single-page. That is when we might need a little bit of work to create our own. But it is easier than you think using these five tips.

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The right size for elements

When creating elements for your own projects, you will surely go by eye and create the elements at the size you need them at the time. However, if you want to create some kits and elements to share with others, they might need something that is different from what you did. Although you can easily resize in PaintShop Pro, it is a good idea to create elements within a certain range of sizes that will suit most projects.

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