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How to add watermarks to your images

You take fantastic photos, you create great montage, you design memorable scrapbook pages. You deserve the credit, or at least the safety of knowing nobody will take your work and claim it as their own. In the world of internet, it is so easy to grab a photo without permission, so how can you protect your work? With watermarking. Although watermarking is often used to protect the work from being used elsewhere, it can also be used simply as a signature too.

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Creating a Silhouette with PaintShop Pro

Although silhouettes are often sought by photographers, one has to be at the right place at the right time, with the right lighting. This is not given to everyone. And sometimes you might want to use a silhouette based on an element or person in your photo. Unless you have a subject in front of a very light background and uniform background, you can’t just adjust the brightness to get silhouette in one step. It is fairly easy if you are to use some of the tools in Paintshop Pro. Here is a simple tutorial on how to achieve that result.

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4 reasons to use BIG photos

When you create layouts traditionally, you are mostly limited by the size of the printed photos you have on hand. It is quite unusual for a paper scrapper to have a photo that will cover all or most of their 12x12 layout, but if you are a digital scrapbooker, you have that option as many digital photos are now quite large, or if that is not the case, you can always enlarge them (but that will require some extra steps). Why or when would you want to use a very large photo on your layout? Let's have a look at a few such reasons.

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10 more Common Mistakes in Digital Scrapbooking

Last week, I posted 10 mistakes that were commonly seen while digital scrapbooking, and several scrappers added a few more to the list. So here is a follow-up with more mistakes one can see in digital layouts. 1- Missing Shadows This can either be a beginner’s error or a slip of the mind. Beginners might … Read more 10 more Common Mistakes in Digital Scrapbooking

10 Common Mistakes in Digital Scrapbooking

Whatever program is used for digital scrapbooking, the scrapper is responsible to do everything, from sizing to shadowing to writing to texturing, while paper scrappers do not usually have to worry about it. Unfortunately, a lot of details escape the mind of the user and the resulting layout will make one raise eyebrows. Sometimes, we will look at a layout and immediately spot the error, but sometimes, it is more subtle and although we might not pinpoint the problem, we have the feeling that there is something wrong. Let’s have a look at some common mistakes we can see in digital scrapbooking.

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8 ways to use bad photos in a scrapbook page

Are you taking tons of photos of people, places and events surrounding you? Do they always turn out great? Out of 100 photos, how many you would consider real keepers? How many you would immediately toss out? If you have that many photos, you probably can spare half of them to fill the trash and … Read more 8 ways to use bad photos in a scrapbook page