Using the Lock Transparency

If you have followed some classes or tutorials in this Campus, you might have noticed the use of the "Lock Transparency" command. You might have just repeated the steps, without necessarily understanding how it works. But it works, right? Let's have a look at that specific command that we use so often in our tutorials.

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From single page template to double page template

When creating a scrapbook page, we might start with one, and realize that we have more photos or more of the story to tell. That is when we would like to turn that single page into a double page. And if we plan a whole album, maybe we would like to start with double templates from the beginning. However, double-page templates are much less common than single-page. That is when we might need a little bit of work to create our own. But it is easier than you think using these five tips.

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Featured Resource – Tips & Tricks for PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro is a very powerful program that might take a while to learn. Even though each tool and command is, in itself, fairly simple, there are many little tricks that could make your life easier when working on your project. Those tips are often not part of any user manual, or if they are, they are spread over hundreds of pages, hidden in a short sentence that can easily be missed. Over the years, I have discovered many such tips and tricks and have shared them on a weekly basis in the store newsletter, but have collated them into a single book.

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