How can I do that with Paintshop Pro?


So much can be done with Paintshop Pro, it is amazing. You might want to create your own layouts from scratch, or add to whatever supplies you already gathered or purchased. Scrapbooking with Paintshop will give you much more than you can imagine! Wondering how to create a specific element or effect? Check out this list.



How to create a Postage Stamp

How to create Dripping Wet Paint

How to create an Admission Ticket

How to create a Rubber Band

How to create a Straight Pin

How to create a Curved Photo

How to create Metallic Elements

How to create a Polkadot Pattern

How to create a Postmark

How to create a Cardboard Element

How to create a Chain and Charms



If the element or effect you are looking for is not on the list, drop us an email HERE. Maybe it is already part of the tutorials but just not added to this list. Maybe it is a tutorial coming in the near future? Maybe it is not done yet, but your suggestion will prompt us to create it as soon as we can. In any case, don't hesitate. Drop us a note.