How to Create a Chain and Charms with Paintshop Pro



Chains can be very useful in your digital scrapbook projects. They can embellish your pages just simply by adding them on a layout as is but you can also use them to attach photos and elements. You can make them in gold or in silver, or even make them rusty by using the rust tutorial. Or you can make a chain in 2 tones or more.

Attaching a chain to a project

You can put the chain in the corners of a paper or photo to make it look like if these were held by it. You can attach the chain with pins, screwheads or buttons. And how about making a frame with your chain, round, square, whatever shape you want; it will give a great look to your digital scrapbook page. Did you think about suspending a photo with a chain, yes that is also possible, just make a vertical chain, and make a little hole in your photo to make it look like if your photo is attached to it.

A charm to go with the chain

How about combining a chaing with a Gold Charm? Golden charms can be used for any occasion: birthday, wedding, travel, graduation, etc. You can
create them in any shape you want and you can also make silver or rusty
charms to make them match your project. You can use gemstones or pearls to give your charm a unique look. Match the colors with the papers or photos you used on your digital scrapbook page and you will have a wonderful
element to embellish it.

You can attach several little charms on a single chain, making it look like a bracelet .

Charms for text

The technique to make a charm can also be used on letters or numbers to make beautiful word arts. You can even use the chain and suspend the letters  under the chain to create a title, a name or a phrase.

Charms can also be attached to the project with a pin or with a ribbon, or suspend them under a frame.

You can surely come up with some other ways to use these two techniques, stand alone or together, to suit your digital scrapbook project


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