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How to Create Wet Paint



Dripping wet paint is what we might expect to see on walls,
in graffiti form, with some rough painting. This look can surely be transferred
on a digital scrapbook layout for a fun look if your overall theme has to do
with kids' craft, house redecorating, painting incidents, or unusual art forms.
Use dripping or wet paint on various types of wordart, whether the words refer
to paint or wet or drip, or you can use it on simple blotches, or doodles. You
can use it on single letters in a title, or on a splash of paint. Basically,
anything that can be painted, can have dripping or wet paint on it.

Painting time or mess time

This was quite a "fun" painting afternoon don't you think? (also a "fun" cleaning time for mom!). But I am sure this technique will be great to showcase
a picture of Uncle Sam when he put his foot in the paint bucket, or when your 2
year-old granddaughter decided to leave her hand prints all over the dinningroom
wall. Or how about a photo of Fido's paw prints after walking on the freshly
painted stairway? This will be perfect for those hilarious photos.

More than paint

But a technique to create a wet paint does not have to be limited to only paint. With a bit of imagination and some tweaking, you can use the same method
to create the look of melting snow, ice cream or even better, chocolate! Do you
have a scrapbook page about a very special Valentine Day even, full of
chocolate? You can melt everyone's heart with a dripping chocolate candy (or
more than one, of course). Don't you think that this chocolate dripping candy
would be most appropriate for your favorite Valentine layout?

Special occasions

Valentine Day is not the only special time of the year where you can have chocolate. Think of Easter, and Christmas, or birthday time, maybe even
Halloween. So many occasions that can use a Wet paint technique.



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