How to Create an Elastic with Paintshop Pro



Did you use rubber bands in your hybrid scrapbook projects? Then you might want to use them on your digital scrapbook pages too. If you want to learn how to create digital rubber bands, the scrapbook campus is the right place for you.

Rubber bands in a rainbow of colors

You can create rubber bands in every color you want and use them on your digital scrapbook page; use them to fix a photo; place them on each corner, or one on top and one at the bottom.

Rubber bands as versatile fasteners

You can make a scrapbook page on which you want to fix lots of photos, like on a memo board. Make rubber bands in different colors and put some of them diagonal on your page and some others just in the other direction, so that the elastics cross each other. Now you can fix you photos behind them. You can also fix some tags, admission tickets and other souvenirs on your digital scrapbook page. It will
make a great digital scrapbook page that allows you the show all your memories of that special day, like an anniversary, a holiday, a day at the beach or your vacation photos. The rubber bands will allow you to fix everything you want like on a real memo board.

You can also put them horizontal and vertical and add some shadows, then fix these rubber bands with some pins at the edges. You can use the straight pin or other fasteners to fix the ends.

What can you hold with these?

Did you think about using your rubber bands to hold a leather tag or an admission ticket? You can also embellish your digital scrapbook page with some metallic element and fix them with one or several elastics in different colors

If you are a digital designer and you make digital scrapbook kits you can use elastics in so many ways in your kits. Use them to embellish frames, and make it look like if the elastics are wrapped around the bottom or the side of a frame and then add some shadows to make it look just like a real elastic. There are so many ways to use them. You will sure come up with some scrapbook ideas yourself when you
are using the technique.

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