How to Create Metallic Elements with Paintshop Pro



Do you use tags on your digital scrapbook pages? Then you should think about using metallic elements. That changes and gives your scrapbook page a wonderful look.


Gold or Silver, that is your choice

You can make the metallic elements in silver and in gold, and maybe you can come up with some other ideas to give it a metallic look.

Metallic elements are great to use in your 365 project, you can use it on your scrapbook page to write a name, the day, a year or the location the photos were taken. You can make little metallic elements so that you can use several of them on one page,
to write all information you need to put on your page, placing them besides or under each other. Or you can make a bigger one and write everything on a single element.


Fastening your metallic element

You can use this element on your page fixing it with a ribbon, a rope or a chain for example, attaching the metallic elements with them. If you make a long rubber band that you fix on your page from one side to antoher you can tie your
metallic elements on it. You can line them up if you want to use several of them.

Different settings for different looks

You can get some different effects not only by changing the colors of the gradient you use but also by trying some differents settings. Try to change the bevel, or the brightness inside your metallic element. You can use some other shapes, like circles, triangles or any other shape you can think of.


Words, names and dates

Metallic elements are great to use in your own digital scrapbook kits. Use them as tags, frames, for word arts and even to create an alpha. There are so many ways that you can use this element in your scrapbook projects, I’m sure you will find your own way to use them.


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