How to Create a Cardboard Element with Paintshop Pro



If you saw some hybrid scrap booking project, you might have noticed that they often use cardboard in them. Do you know that it’s possible to create your own digital cardboard elements? You can make them any color you want and any shape you want.


What to use cardboard for?

You can use the cardboard technique to make some elements, like frames, tags, tickets and even alphas or wordarts. As you make your cardboard yourself, you can make it suit all your projects, by adjusting colors, adding textures etc. You can cut the top layer as you want creating different looks for your cardboard. So if you make an alpha or word art you can give a different look to every letter by changing the shape of the top layer.


Cardboard with photos?

You can make a real large cardboard piece and attach your photos on it with some pins, rubber bands, etc. Adding some shadows will make this look very realistic and will give a great look to your digital scrapbook page. You can place a cardboard piece at the bottom of your page, on one side, and insert some photos with their edge just behind the cardboard. Or did you think about making same waves with cardboard that will give a wonderful look to your scrapbook page.


Making cardboard alphas and elements

With this large cardboard, saved  as a psp image, you can make lot of elements. You can use the same large piece of cardboard over an over to make new cardboard elements. Just open the image and you can create a word art for example, by selecting the word and invert the selection you cut off all the extra around the word. As you saved it with layers you can now cut out the top layer on every letter as you want.

You can do the same thing for other elements, like frames etc. If you want to have a different look you can change the colors, texture or the noise on your cardboard before cutting out your element.

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