How to Create a Postage Stamp with Paintshop Pro

Did you ever use a postagestamp in your digital scrapbooking pages? It’s a great way to embellish your digital scrapbook pages; you can use any picture or image you want and even add some

People and Places to remember

You can use a picture of your visits during your vacation and for text use the place or country you were at that moment. You can also use them with pictures of people, like your kids, friends etc. or even your favorite animals and use their names as text. And did you know that you can even make a sheet with stamps? In Paintshop Pro, it’s possible to create that too, and very easy to do. In one sheet you can use the same photo on every stamp, but I also use different photos, like multiple frames, so that you can put several pictures on one page.

Many photos to display

Did you visit a building or a place where you have taken lots of pictures and you want to have them on the same scrapbook page? You can make a postage stamp sheet and then use several little pictures in the frames and use the picture of the building itself on several frames, like splitting them into several individual stamps. With the little pictures around it, it will give a great view of everything you have seen there, all on one page. If you want a nice effect try to cut of 1 stamp and turn it a bit.  You can use the name of the building as text on 1 or several stamps.

Names and dates are easy to display

Since a postage stamp usually has a little bit of text, traditionally for the name of a country, a face value, and occasionally, some information on the design, you can use the same idea to add the location of a photo from the stamp, or even just the location of a photo that is the focus of your layout. Dates can also be added to the stamp.

Letters and words

Another interesting twist to the use of postage stamps, is to make them into alphabets, or have one letter per stamp and line them up to create a page title.

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